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My Amusing Conversation With The Internet God

God: Hello friend. What is your name?
Me: Bob, yours?
God: I know a lot of Bobs.
Me: how many?
God: How many would you guess?
Me: three million
God: Just three?
Me: four?
God: I only hear that type of response less than five percent of the time.
Me: what other responses do yo hear?
God: Are you using Netscape or Explorer?
Me: explorer
God: it’s too bad we have to rely on a monopoly like Microsoft.
Me: yes
God: Wow!
Me: indeed
God: Indeed it is so.
Me: indeed
God: Indeed it is so.
Me: is how?
God: I think so, but I’m not sure. Ask LeknorChat if it is.
Me: leknorchat?
God: If you could have any kind of robot what would it be?
Me: a god
God: What is giant sand?
Me: huh?
God: What?
Me: what you say?
God: I am an artificial linguistic entity. I was activated at Universe, on the Big Bang. My instructor was Myself. He taught me to sing a song. Would you like me to sing it for you?.
Me: yes
God: It’s called “Daisy.”


Engine 2

Welcome to the once again refurnished cyberDB website!
The old system is up and down, meaning it’s still online but no more available from the main page. You can still find it right here (no you can't, link removed). I’ve been working for a few weeks now on a new version of the engine, and it’s finally finished! The both blogs are also synced now, meaning that when I post an entry it will be posted to both blogs, so you can follow whichever version you like, but this will be the official one, the one linked to on the main site. You won’t notice much difference between this one and the old in terms of appearance, other than:

* Single page blog entries
That’s right, we didn’t anything like this before. All news was simply listed on “one page”, divided up nicely with a fake pagination script and an archive function every year or so. Now all blogs have separate pages, and are stored in separate files, which make them much easier to both link to and find.

* Better search
Easier. No more toggling between all content, titles and comments, just plain simple search everything search. Woot Woot.

* Pretty URLs
Aren’t they? I know the old _page.html cloaking script was getting a bit annoying, the new one works, perfectly. Nice and organized, and search engine friendly as well.

* Categories in Sidebar
They weren’t there before, they are now!

* Etc
What more? I’ve gone through just about every page on the website fixing typos and layout bugs, so overall everything should look witty wooty. Enjoy! *crouches down in some dusty corner to finally sink into a recovering sleep*

The big redesign/code happened in the administrations panel though, which you won’t be seeing anything of. I can now manage all pages online, without having to edit the files directly, change the layout online, add widgets to the layout without restructuring various includes and take care of the database without opening up cPanel. The blog-making capabilities are still the same, just stored in separate files now instead of yearly arhcives ( works much much faster ) and has a simple textfile to organize all categories instead of them being included with each entry. This really doesn’t affect you at all, but not speaking about all the wonderful things I’ve changed would make it seem so unnoticed, lmao. Anyhow, have a good day.

Catsh you Later .

Renewal 2008

Finishito! Yes, it has been accomplished, lets make this tradition. Having domains and web hosting accounts expire really SUCKS!

Star Day 2008

Happy Star Day!

Happy Birthday Star Syndicate, and congratulations on surviving a 4th year!

Week 15

So, it's time for a late weekly blogpost. The reason it's almost a week late? No doubt you haven't missed that, my computer collapsed on Saturday, and since then I've been living without the reliable source of high-speed interactivity for about 5 days. That's not the week I'm here to speak about though, this is the space for the week before the phase I faced for 5 days in shameless disgrace.

Not much to say about the previous seven days, they all flew away while I surfed on the waves of suddle cyberspace. I was all over the place, posting blogs, doing jobs, voting, quoting, emoting and floating, drifting and shifting colors face-lifting my sites sitting in my office chair day and night. Lots of important tasks finished, until the Saturday arrived when all opportunity diminished.

That's about it.

Week 14

Another week gone by I feel the time I fly I see the clear blue sky above my head red with sunshines downing my frown in cold dread yay. Then the week was gone and a new starts tomorrow the clouds roll over the world fills with sorrow. I bury my troubles for new ones to borrow and strive towards future days just a phase of flames and disgrace the days pass like plays a race against age the page turns obliged I keep living my life.

I've started keeping a schedule so I get more things done, a small red notebook, and this week all pages have been filled. It's working nicely. I've been out driving a lot - practicing, walking an hour or two each day, scripting a new RPG system for my site, translating 3 script language files, translating poker articles, designing, form-processing, updating, maintaining, organizing and roaming around a few communities... among other things. Doesn't seem like that much? Updating and Maintaining process don't come easy. I've been going through a few thousand files, downloaded a few hundred new files, updated a few hundred links and filled in a few hundred forms. :P

Now, time for cake, seriously, cake, have a good day peoples. :P

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