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Promises Reloaded

Each year I like to set out a few goals for myself and see how well I can keep them. I've been doing this for, hmm, quite some time now. Here's last year's post. So lets see, how did I do with the goals set out during the start of this year? They're split up into three sections, below, I'll explain where there is explaining to do.


  1. Never hesitate
    I'm hesitant to say so, but I haven't really fulfilled this promise. Seems I haven't been less hesitant at all this year, maybe I've even been more hesitant than usual. This all differs on the situation however. For example, if my mom asks me to help lift down a box from the attic, I'll take care of it in five minutes, no hesitation involved. When I check my email, I respond immediately. I've actually gotten better at responding to emails ASAP. However, when it comes to studies (amongst other things), I do hesitate. I take care of all kinds of less important projects before starting on the ones that should be done. Still need some working on this...
  2. Write one poem each day of the year
    What? Did I say ONE?! I've written at least two poems each day this year. ;) That adds up to a lot of poems!
  3. Improve my singing skills and vocal voice
    Pretty green! I don't just practice in the shower anymore. Have yet to take any official lessons, but I'm happy to say I have improved through regular vocal exercise and recording.
  4. Learn to communicate better with other people
  5. Improve enough physically to participate in Marathon
    Nope. :(
  6. Finish all projects I start, and focus on tasks at hand
    I thought I'd have completed all of last year's projects by this time, but I'm still way behind schedule. So, nope, haven't managed this quite so well.


  1. Get tattoo
    Thought about it, still haven't gotten around to it.
  2. Get drivers license
    Oh yeah! :D
  3. Double my savings
    Nah, not really, but they have been growing.
  4. Get website costs +/- 0
    Haven't earned a single cent on my websites. I've actually bought a few new domains and a reseller hosting account, so things have been going a bit more minus than usual this year.
  5. Publish one book
    Material is ready, but not published.
  6. Start company
    Yepp. :)


Year started out great, and I would probably have accomplished all of these if my account hadn't been hacked at the start of the year. It minimized my motivational ammounts and I haven't spent as much time on these goals as I could have. Good or bad? Probably good, but it's still pretty depressing having so much content irrevocably deleted.

  1. Reach 20,000 Forum Posts
    Nah, haven't posted much at all.
  2. Reach 10,000 Flash Reviews
    Haven't reviewed much either, so, no.
  3. Reach 5,000 Music Reviews
    No no no.
  4. Submit two Flashes each day in a month
    I submitted two flashes all January this year. They were deleted with the account hacking, though, but I still accomplished my goal. :/
  5. Submit two Audios  each day in a month
    Yepp, and a whole lot more too. :)
  6. Participate in six important events
    Six events, yes. How important they were can be discussed, but I did participate. :)

All in all that's a pretty even list of accomplishments, don't you agree? The Drivers License and Poetry Goal feel like the most important out of the list. The year has been good, though it could have been better. Next year will be great too, I know it, and I have a few goals I'd like to set for myself for this coming year as well. They aren't as many as the previous year, but they definitely mean much more to me than the previous ones did. Here we go:

Personal Goals

  1. Become Independent
    I define this as being able to live alone with basic elements of modern luxury (electricity, running water, etc), general ease in the daily survival process  & a balanced economy. As it is now I live at home, studying, with parentally financed commodities and edible intake. My primary goal is not to move out (it is not a priority) but to be able to live independently if such circumstances should appear and also to a certain extent in the current situation.
  2. Become Musical
    I need to improve my voice, and I need to retrieve my lost skills with piano and guitar. In short, I want to spend a defined amount of time playing instruments and practicing my vocal chords. I don't want to become a superstar, but I want to be able to sing and play when I feel like it. The goal is to reach a level of skill both personally and instrumentally where I can be classed as "Good".
  3. Become Early
    I want to get up earlier, I want to go to bed earlier, I want to hand in assignments earlier, I want to finish my projects before the deadline & I want to take care of any incoming tasks as soon as I can - not as soon as I want to.

Material Goals

  1. Get Car
    With a car comes additional responsibility and financial output, but also the ability to quickly and smoothly travel between any relatively nearby locations.
  2. Get Property
    Things are created and things are disposed of, the value of money rises and falls, the world is unsteady, the only thing that will always be there is the ground we stand on, and I would like to own a portion of it. I'd like to start a philosophical discussion on how the early isn't really ours to own, but since that's not the main context of this post, I think I'll skip that for now.
  3. Get Computer
    I need a new one. For work, for hobby & for study.

Eventual Goals

  1. Publish Book
    My main plan and promise for this year is to publish (at minimum) one book.
  2. Get Tattoo
    Doesn't matter how much I think about this, I still want that tattoo!
  3. Profit
    I will profit by advertisements,  website design, concept/website/script/hosting/book sales & jobs of varied sort.

There. I am hyped. I know I do this. I will start fulfilling these goals not later, but right now, immediately, whenever I have the time. It feels like I'm stepping in the right direction in life, and it feels great. As for Health, I didn't mention anything about that in the goals, but I did get in good shape during last year and I will be staying in good shape this year. By being early I should have plenty of time left over for exercise and regular activity. Tonight will be an allnighter, as always, but after that it is, yet again, time for a brand new start. :D

#364(3) Two Thousand Ten

A new year starts, the old year parts
An era, fresh. A digit, less

The old sun sets, a new one flies
Through the gunsmoke, up to skies

Blue and ready, the year now new
So am I, and so are you

We yearn to be, as numbers shift
An equal part, slow and swift

Up to date, a higher grade
Future here, fate is made

Secrets sealed, within our shade
As we live, the game is played

Our views new, as the sky
The clouds that drift, pass us by

The sun that rises, that sets again
In the year, of two thousand ten

#364(2) Mitters

I like cartoons
I like scars and dunes
I like explosives
I like cars and prunes

I like carts too
And versatile arts too
I like to play darts too
I like to be smart too

For I know that Rhinos have two horns so lie low
Smile for a while though when you stay idle
Beside your life a liable idol
Contain, be sane, remain

#364 Brave New World

It's a new world out there
So be brave, for it's a new world our there
A brave new world without
News is the world

Number 31

Number 31

Thirty One

#363 Truthfact

Truth is
There is no truth
Fact is
Truth is no fact

Truth is
Fact of truth
In truth
Fact not that

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