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#31 People Of This Town

The people say that it is over now
The people in my town
The people pray that it is over now
And them people walk around

They dig their graves, just in case
They walk with fear, engraved in their face
They walk the way, paved by disgrace
They live alone, betrayed and in craze

The people hope that it's all over now
The people in this town
The people all go home lonely now
And them people walk around

They wail when isolated in their homes
They cannot save themselves, they cannot atone!
All that's left in his coffin is bones, now
Still the people of this town go, down

In misery

#30 The Days May Be Long, But The Nights Are Grim

We trap them ourselves
The potentials of evil
Some of them we set free
Just to see how they act

We created it ourselves
The monumental of deceival
It's there to understand
And lend a helping hand

When the times are too great
To be appreciated without power
When a common lack of fate
Slows down the coming hour

So we rapture our own walls
Just to let the dust once settle
And once again be one with nature
Only now with electric kettles

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#29 Boy In The Desert

There was a boy
He stood in sand
A corpse at feet
A sword at hand

It was this day
He became a man
And walked around
These barren lands

Slaying folks
As he had been told
And he grew gray
As the earth grew old

The valleys swayed
When he sunk away
Not even his parents
Mourned that day

#28 Savor Settle

Don't let your troubles blind you
My mind is mine - mind you
Don't let the rubble guide you
A fumed of mankind fondue

Don't let the world disrupt your
Search around the earth for
All that corrupts and binds you
On this line of grim accuse

#27 Narrow Passage

If time won't allow it
Then I won't hear it
I won't be a coward
Thus I won't fear it

I will not let it tower
Above me like a tower
I will blow down it's walls
Downblown with my power

If time does not see to it
That I can get near it
I don't need my power
So ring me my cleric

Arrival within the hour
And he might just see to it
That if this passage is narrow
That I may still get through it

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