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#333(3) Truce Uphold

Can I believe
That I will leave
Or will I stay
Until that day

I want to live
Not go away
Even if my feelings
Are crushed like foil

Can I believe
That I will go
When I chose
Or will I know

When time is close
I don't suppose
I can ask you
For this advantage?

#333(2) Pollo What

I thought I thought enough
I thought I knew enough
I thought the world was round
Now everything falls down

In pieces

#333 Telliam

Like the jaws of a lion
After consuming prey

Like the laws of Zion
After throwing away

All of the raw messiah
Calling to us from...

... Where?

Is this the sixth dimension
Seventh, eighth, clear?
Like the skies so blue
Will even I die too

Is the truth still true
Or were they all on crack
The ones who did create
This ancient artifact

One thing is for certain
There is no going back
We have closed the curtains
In shadows we exact

The right amount of pleasure
The correct amount of pain
So that we can all live justly
Or so we can refrain

From the just side of our living
And believe we did it wrong
Even when we're always giving
We feel like we don't belong

The grass is always greener
On the other side of the fence
When we have lived our life and seen earth
I wonder, will it make sense?

Like the shield of an alien
After staying at bay

Like the mind of a Mayan
After waking a day

In a shoulderlong cape
A wonder, a world...

A mistake?

Is this our time that calls us
Is there time, or just we?
Did we create all that appalls us?
Did we create all that we leave?

Behind us when we gather
Under the starspangled banner
Regardless of race or gender
The world, a common sender

Nature is truly disgusting
The earth is revolting in nature
Lust and trust and we must think
We must learn to not grow greater

Grow larger than we can handle
The balance of common cash
A sandal in the sand, is all
We have in the hope we stash

Sinking, drifting, disappearing
Reappearing, straying, staying
Withering as the weight of the world
Pushes down upon us

Are we real or was it uncalled for?
The right, the wrong, the frail and kind
Our existence is appalling and lawful
And words are all that come to mind

Even though they're false, even though I know
That they are human, and we will go
Away someday, and take with us
The world

End Of MiniNova

Yet another great torrent site going down. It's hard to believe they couldn't withstand the law, despite the gigantic size of their operation. Regardless, have now removed all copyright infringing torrents and are now commuted fully to the legal content distribution system they set up as an alternative about a year back. They still have torrents, but it's but a tiny tiny fraction of what thet used to host, and now it's not the users that decide what goes on site anymore, it's the creators themselves. End of an era, start of another? Hmm...


#332 A Bright Star

There is no war
Only if you say it
There is no peace
Only if you make it
Past beliefs

Everything worth being told
This is the land of new
And you are growing old

Cold like the dawn
The winter slowly dragging
Out on my time
Telling to me some truth
But most of it a lie
A lie passed by leaves

The fallen wind swirling
Around my ankles and feet

Everything you hear is news
If you haven't heard it twice
Don't forget what you hear
It's a piece of my advice
The fabric starts to tear
The very foundation of space
And it seems that we noble humans
Might be - erased

Everything you hear has reason
So don't speak without a doubt
If you chose a truth - believe it
And never let it out!

Keep it canned inside your cage
Keep it contained - set it free!
And it will ravish like a plague
And consume humanity

Make us all just fight like dogs
Fight the dogs - for all I care
I just wish we had a star
That shone bright

And that all of us could share

#331 War On Earth

A war rages around
The world
We cannot stop it
We can not break it down

A war rages around the world
Have you heard?
It's a verb, it's a phrase
It's a noun

A war rages on our earth
It's tormented by humankind
A war rages on, and it's worth
Twice as much as comes to mind

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