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Trouble With gMail

Updated my browser yesterday, and after a quick search this morning I think that may be the very root of this problem.

I have five email accounts I check every Monday. The first four worked fine, but at the fifth one the progress bar froze and I couldn't get any further. Tried viewing my inbox in regular HTML mode, and that worked fine, but when I tried switching back to the more flexible regular view it froze again. Found this URL on the Mozilla forums, and it works great, though it probably doesn't solve the problem. I have quite a few plugins installed that might be interfering, or maybe a virus. I hope it's option three though, a simple bug that either Mozilla or gMail will quickly squash without much bother so I can go back to fluently surfing my webmail without the use of artificial URLs.

On a second update and email login, it seems the problem is no more.
Confusion strikes me like a serenade of napalm.

Sun Day November

No sun this Sunday, the first of November. I feel tired. Watched eight movies in a row yesterday night, woke up at eleven this morning, been playing games with my buddy Andreas since then. Took a walk, a quick ride by cycle, now it's dark, time is around 18-19, and I'm going to sleep. Unrested but awaiting a new fresh dawn tomorrow.

#304 The Descrutioneer

Bring me!
My rocket launcher
So that I can shoot this convoy

And plunder
And kill
And wonder
You will
And burn
And frown?

Bring me!
My machine gun
So I can shoot these peasants

And steal
And eat
Your meal
In greed
And wonder
Is it worth
Your mouth?

Bring me!
An endless anger
So that I can destroy at will

That in
My path
Will meet
My wrath
And writhe
In pain
And scream
And crawl
And beg
For mercy

That I won't give
For I am death, yet I do live

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