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#330(2) RoknRol

Yeah. ()=

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah #%
Yeah +``
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah &#

Yeah ()
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!##
Yeah! #

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! #&


#330 Rallience

I have a song, but it hides in my brain
It whispers to me that I might not me sane
It buzzes, it fuzzes, a rush, it complains
It strikes me with brushes, with art, can't refrain

From pencils, from crayons, from pens, then again
Our tension, portrayal, comprehension, is when
We function, like beings, the tension, us men
Is true when believing, and hence it is sense

With sense we function
It's our addiction
All in conjunction
The fence of fiction

Is French of Spanish
The pain will vanish
When sense we banish
Still tense at heart

The world is whole, yet torn apart
We're in control, it's what we are
The past is close, the future far
And this is why we reason

Through winter, summer, fall, spring
An everchanging season
Or is the world the same, since
We ran away in treason

To find the treasure
I can't find
To search for truth
Within our mind

When we know truth
Is out in place
A planetary balance
Now, erased



#329(2) Bittoo

The end is close
The year is done
You never know
When then begun

But now is now
And then is then
That time may come
Right back again

To those in front
To those in back
The fresh and faint
The artifact

The molded old
The new like dew
Or so we're told
And thus it's true

#329 Bit

If there is hope
Then there is lies
A newborn lives
When oldborn dies

If there is life
Then there is hope
We live for hope
We hope we know

Know that life
Is worth to cope
The worth of strife
It ends when poked

When fun and games
The others claim
Our sacrifice
Is never sane

#328 Time For The Now

Is the
Time for
The now
Time for
Is the

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