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#327 Pastelles

When I was little, my voice didn't reach
It stooped down and hit cold concrete
Reaping skittles, I prayed I could preach
Someday about the sweetness they offer

In my mind, my toy cars were big
The real cars were bigger, the houses were huge
The world was my playground, everything mine
All of the items I knew I could use

I hid in the bushes, I hid in the open
I never believed that I was invisible
But I imagined walls of wood, they rose from leaves
I understood

The pain and agony, I had much myself
I dwelled in the land of orcs and elves
I never truly believed that they existed
But when I grew up I know I missed it

The land I created, the land I knew
The ones and threes and fours and twos
Everything exiting, everything new
All the things in a different point of view

At times I was shy, but I could walk around naked
At times I would cry, yet my home was sacred
At times I was I, at times someone else
But despite who I was, I was always myself

They couldn't change me, I didn't care
I did what they did and life was so clear
Clear and vacant, just waiting to bear
Me as I grew up, I grew up, there

Now life isn't waiting, now it rain away
And I said "Stop!", I told it to stay
But it wouldn't listen
It was too much like me

When I was little
When I was free

#326(2) Cure My Religion

I think I was
Saved from all
The savior
Mumbo Jumbo

Bla Bla
Leads us
Woo yeah!
To an even greater future!

I can't see through
The clouds that mask
The future is cloudy
The clouds unmasked

Can you see clearly?
I take that back
I have no questions

Still I think I was
Saved from falling
He saved me!
Mumbo Jumbo

I hear him calling
It feels funny

Have I been bugged?
Have I been possessed?
By evil spirits?
By god obsessed?

I search for reason
A truth to speak
A cure for religion
I seek

#326 To Humanity

Space may be the final frontier
So let's make this situation clear
We have fought everywhere - everywhere
And now it's time to die...

In the last battle, I will stand beside
I pour all my hope into its arms grand and wide
And hope that maybe it will fetch me and divide
Even further, even further, indeed...

An endless loops our world constitutes
We don't know when life ends, or when it reboots
We start up again, still parted like friends
Is there an afterlife here?

Does the cycle live on long after earth is gone
Do we come back to share, life in a million years
Regardless we stay strong, big and brave like King Kong
Fighting off the small planes that bear

A resemblance, to humanity

#325 Where The Road Ends

Where the road ends, the wall starts, where the wall ends, the road starts
With a small bend, we see past, with a clear view, like called glass
Where the road ends, the way starts, the path to, a new part
Of the world large, this earth wide, that we live on, that we stand by

Where the rain pours, the sun mourns, where the stars shine, we pass time
We sleep through, the long nights, we wake up, with great sights
Where the door leads, we weave through, the traffic, to meet you
In the streets by, the sea of truth, and to reach the youth, we did age from

Write our age on, little papers, skip a number, call it even
We're in danger, we are ancients, ride away to, a time midevil
See the future, in the frog pond, see the past, in the starlight
Live adventures, before we part life, sleeve a farewell, for the vultures

#324 There Was, A Time

There was a time
When I did climb

There was a time
I felt I floated

The world we see
That we all grow
To live

There was a time
When I did climb

#323 Imkperfect

The world is a paper
I am its pen
I write for it
Now and then

I give animation
To its dull image
I give it glow
Don't let it diminish

Into the clouds
That consume this world
Into the clouds
So gray and dull

My view is loud
And my skill
Great ideas

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