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I'm Unique

I'm Unique

& I like that. :)

The Perfect Blog

Every time I write a decent blog, I feel like ending the day by writing the perfect entry. Yet why do I write only a decent blog first and then keep going at it with another one when I could be striving towards perfection at the very beginning? Is it warmup? Is it necessary with a decent entry first to climb higher and reach the peak of perfection? There is no such thing as perfection. How close can I get? I can master the art of writing, but will it be the perfect blog? They say an image represents more than a thousand words, but people don't want a thousand words, still they want an image. Why is that? Does a picture really represent a thousand words, or is that just our perception of it? Would someone who knows no words gain the same amount of understanding from this image as we who have an extensive vocabularic stash do?

A perfect blog must be interesting, it must not be too long, it must differ from the masses, yet it must still be relevant, and most importantly it must be a blog. A news post is not a blog, unless the news is relevant to one self, neither is a review, or a link, or a quote. Yet these are the 'blogs' that gain the most attention. You cannot rise through definition, it seems.

I remember the golden days when I used to post short blogs, about as often as I am doing this year. I received an average of two comments per blog. My site wasn't SEO optimized, it was new & I didn't advertise it. It wasn't perfect, but it gained more attention than it does now. Why? I posted a lot at forums, I interacted with a lot of people, I updated my site constantly with file archives that weren't mine and many different forms of entertainment. I probably posted more about games and websites too, instead of the deepening philosophical arrays I spit out nowadays. The perfection did not lie in quality, but in amount, and the length of blogs they did not count. I believe I've reached another level, sanitary in space. It took many years before I started using WordPress, the script this site runs on, have they reached perfection? What is perfection? Dictionary tells me: the state or quality of being or becoming perfect. So what is perfect? Conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type. What is ideal? We all have different ideals, we all strive to create different kinds of blogs, we all ride on different kinds of creations, the flow is limited, the binds are material, our life is short. The End.

NarutoGet, First?

I've been scanning the net for the latest Naruto Shippuuden this morning, yes, it really is a waste of time (and not something I ever usually do), but I've making it slightly more interesting today. say they're always first, and that they would be releasing this weeks double episode at 4 AM pacific time, so I've been doing a little research to see if they really are the first. While quickly scanning through Google, Yahoo, Bing & a few other major search engines hundreds of SEO optimized results regarding this episode appear, with filenames like watch-naruto-shippuuden-episode-35-36-streaming-online-media-free.html. When clicking the URL you are directed to a page with no episode, and no information on the episode, except for either a preview from the end of the last episode, or a release date. This procedure is repeated on almost all streaming anime websites, and I'm sure it brings in website traffic like a news bulletin that Obama was shot down in cold blood would do, but I can't help get annoyed by it. I've been updating a few of the top search results all the way up until 4 am, and guess what, was first. They weren't ready at 4 am, but they did manage to update the message to "will be online in 15 minutes". That message lasted about half an hour, but in the end, they did manage to upload the episode before any other websites.

Problem is, soon after the episode had been added the whole website crashed, so I had to go find another one. Other websites were pretty speedy too. It's amazing how dedicated they are at getting a single episode in place as quickly as possible, it's like a big competition, an unseen race with millions of contestants passing by unseen before our very own eyes. Maybe there was some site who managed to upload the episode before NarutoGet, some small anime blog celebrating their third day of existence, but we will be unaware of their humble win now and forever. It's a cruel, cruel world indeed. :/


7 Liters of water/tea/coffee/milk.

Advanced Wars 2, Done

Beat the game again last night, this time with a campaign rank of S. :) That's the best score you can get, for those unaware. I ranked S on every single mission on the Orange and Blue continents, but after that way too many As and even a couple of B's at the end. My favorite level has to be Rain of Fire, it's one that brings something completely new to the game, a sprouting fiery volcano in the middle of the stage, though the death-rays and lasers are a very appreciated addition since the last game. Last time I beat the game my campaign rank was A, so I'm a pro now, woo. Time to play through the game in hard mode, maybe? Maybe not, maybe I'll leave the game be and let the desire of playfulness inspire.

#322(2) Shrym

Riot in progress
Abort, Abort
Face in mess
Distort, Distort

Fort under siege
Abort, Abort
Mourn my belief
In form, Reborn

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