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#322 Stayed Home

Shimmering like moon rocks
Sparkle in the sunset rise
Rhythm dull, lullaby smile
Lasts a moment pace always
Steady like a drum of tone
Ready, breathing, still at


Shimmering the Sunday fall
Summer casts out glance in
Thin winter morning colder
Than many days before, try
To reassure myself that it
Doesn't matter if I wear a
Quilt and comb my hair and


Waits for me beyond a step
I can't see past my regret
Running wild without voice
Nothing seems to be choice
Choice of mine, one I know
Is it true, is it so, does
It really matter, do we go


Powers, still my bloodline
Follows me, where I stray!
Life is just a moment now
Life is still so far away
One letter less, tone, more
Nothing better, not before
The world in shambles fell
But I stayed within myself


#321 Woke Up Ten

I woke up at ten
Stood up on my feet
Descended, slowly
For a bite to eat

I spoke up at ten
Screamed out my lungs
It might sound stupid
It might be dumb

But it gave me a rush
It gave me the strength
To travel down the stairs
Yes, the entire length

I woke up at ten
I was tired as hell
But that all ended
When I started to yell

#320(2) Feign Missery

It's uncalled for
That you called
I was walled up
Behind walls
Trying to forget, all
That happened yesterday

It's uncalled for
Why, you asked?
In misery I used to bask
You're like sunshine
You shine so bright
That I'm devoured
By all your light

And my sadness
Is flushed away
And I forget all
About that day
And the troubles fly like foam
Unseen into the ozone

And I am happy, and I am glad
And there's a void where all the bad
Was just a few seconds earlier
And I am happy, and I laugh
And I forget about all my wrath
It makes me angry, and I look back
At the misery in which I used to bask

It misses me, and I fight
Against the joy, for it isn't right
That I can jump high, when just a few seconds ago
The blue sky, seemed so very very far away

#320 Box Box

It aint thunder
It's just a two hit wonder
He aint shit
He's just a one day hit

It aint game
His fifteen minutes of fame
Are passed
He'll last the after match

But no longer

Poetry Revision & Update, Double!!

From 247 to 494!!! Who would have imagined that?! Here's the page, in case you're too lazy to move your mouse to the menu above. ;) The poetry has been piling up for so long (like, six months) without the page being updated, finally got up out of bed and did it and now it's done. Organizing poetry is the most boring thing in the world (assuming there's a lot of poetry to organize), but it feels great having this big chunk of work sunk. Over and under and out.

Procrastination Quote

Wasting time takes close to no effort.
Not wasting time takes loads of closed F words

So true. :)

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