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#89(2) Lately I've Been Belated, Surprise

When I joke
It's like a hundred grim stings in my arch
And it seems
Like it won't let me down this fair March

And the beams
Of the sun, their rays seek their way to me
And they gleam
In a wide array of waves at sea

And I mean
All that I say and all that I do
And I may
Buy a bouquet of flowers just for you

If I say
That I won't be home again until June
It's okay
Just sit and sway and watch the flowers bloom

#89 Flattery Gets You Slaughtered

I like to
Fight two
Opponents at the same time
Night view

I like too
Bright fuse
On that stick of dynamite
Sight lose

I might do
Write haikus
At the beak of dawn
Break and carry on

I like dew
Mountain dew fool
In gulps I chew
It's stubborn matter

#88 Avail, Gracefully Sail

I just don't think we should
Lie where we lie
With our backs against the earth
And our heads towards the sky

#87 Our Apocalypse, Begone In Eons, Emotion

The day
Dead politicians
Come to life

The day
They rule the world

Like a feather
A twister
A hurricane
A force

Like a fury
An uplifter
The troubles
Our source

Like a terror
A tremor
A tumor
A divorce

We all wish for
What is us
That warm pink and fluffy
Feeling stuff

#86 Insanction, Haiku

If the tall moon falls
Dives down under below
Grim outcast behold

#85 Sparkle My Snow

Upon the full moon my eden sways
It fools my senses and drifts away
Out upon the grim fields that see
Wider tundras of misery

Upon the blight sun my ego strays
It blinks ablaze and then fades away
I wander the walkways drawn by grace
Slowly awaken to seamless amazement

Upon the calm snow my soul embraced
Warmth in my heart and joy on my face
Even though my mind whispers me "stay away!"
From the cold that bathes in our world

So the moonlight that raises demonic
And the sun that burns unleashed
Thus this snow so cold could bring chronic
Storms our rivers and fills our streets

But under this hide my ample heart beats
Two notes a minute, twice in a row
And the snow that falls seems to me so honest
I lie down and in it divine angels plow

The sun is hidden behind gray clouds
The moon is held behind this storm
And in this darkness that our world crowds
A new light, is born

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