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#119 Knock Unknowing

You can be sure
That I knock on your door
When I come around
When I'm around

You can be sure
That I will knock some more
When you're not to be found
When I come around

You can be sure
That if you lie on the floor
Inbloodied without sound
When I'm around

I won't see your
Face anymore, and no one
Will open the door to your
Home, and I am alone

#118 Wither Nothing

#117 The Rivers Flow

The rivers flow at an astounding rate
They never close down or slow their pace
Always constant they tame the race
A spray of ozone impounds their gates

The rivers flow is both grand and great
Their splinters run down in rows of age
Always suddle, sometimes wide with rage
Wild and seizeless, a child amazed

The rivers flow blocked by moats and dams
The river sides both surrounded by land
The river lingers and still moves on
Out to the sea from the mountain strong

With water unsalty, with water so new
It sparkles in the sun and shines brightly blue
Always on my mind when my own day is gray
The rivers ravish and run, away

Popup Jukebox

Listen to a few of my musical mixes with this new spiffy jukebox (open it up in a new window)  I threw together over on CyberD yesterday. A link will be up in the menu over there sometime soon, and you can listen to all my tracks (sound-only-versions) in the archives. Plenty of loops there, and they are all free to use if you need some for a movie/little flash game/etc. Hope it's enjoyed, any feedback, just send it in.

Harrassed By Minor Masses

I have a small group of vicious foes that loyally stalk me since the account hacking over at NG. They contribute with vicious comments on my few blog posts over there and commonly send me quite entertaining randomly generated insults my PM, as well as claiming rights on the hackin. Without evidence though, it doesn't matter much who hacked my account, what's done is done and I won't be forgetting the past, but it's nothing I should spend my future contemplating about. As for their commentaries, as they say, ignoring is bliss, the most beneficial psychological strategy possible. What baffles me is that they first now, after hacking my account and spending hours deleting all my content, feel like posting abusive comments on my blog. They didn't do so before, even though they do claim to have hated me for a long time, so is their imaginative victory going above their heads? Do they feel like they need more credit? Are they sour since I'm not flaming them at all, instead moving on with other newer projects? Or are they taking credit for the hacking as a reason to make me mad at them, not being involved at all? No matter the reason, I don't let their words catch on, it's just something I was pondering about this morning.

Hacking my account due to content overload still has me confused as well. NG has pretty fresh servers so I am amazed it bothered anyone, especially with the restrictions of multiple content submissions per day that they do have. I uploaded all my music and flash to my own website yesterday. The music section, consisting of 740 loops/tracks didn't take up more than 320MB, and the roughly 250 flashes didn't use up more than 2GB, preview images included. Latter 198 pieces of music not included, they were recited poetical pieces and I'll be uploading them to this blog sometime within a nearby future, My hacker gave me a pretty long comment over his reasonings on the hacking through my blog, claiming it was my 'faggotish style of submission and discussion'. I never insult anyone on public communities I like, since it would lower my image massively (and get me banned, duh, it used to get my reviews deleted too, so I stopped using foul language... and started with psychological pressure and ironic comebacks instead), but to some people insults and offensivity is a matter of machoness. Or they just need to grow up a bit. Or they don't appreciate true art. Or, better theory, they appreciate it so much they just couldn't stand being outclassed by an outcast such as me. :L

Anyhow, lack of communicational activity online has me spending more time in real life... or at the moment with my 'real websites' and studies I hope to catch up with before this month is over. I have two days left. I'd like to get all my sites fixed, and running quicker without bugs/typos/missing features as well, updates I have been falling behind in lately.

Weekend Past

Here's a picture of it sliding by. :)

Weekend Sliding By

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