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#211 Moonbeach

I reach up for the moon
But it is out of reach
I sit down on my dune
In the sand, on the beach

I stare up at the sky
At the darkness and light
The black is unseen
And the white hurts my eyes

My life is not black and white
Nor are my open eyes
As I look up at the shadow
Covering our skies

As I reach up for the moon
Where only eyes can reach
Sitting on a dune
On the sand, in the beach

#210 Atlas(t)

After a frantic search
over a panical earth
At last I finally find
The last atlas in mind

#209 When Nines Are Twenty

They stand collected
They stand in pride
Their metallic arms
Dually fading

A lonesome moon
Wanders above
In deeper darkness

I hear the tunes
The tunes of death
I feel no pain
And no regrets

i died a hero
With my gun
When they were twenty
And I was one

#208 Concel

In bounces
Our peace

In flesh
Our motive

In truth
Our reality

(c) Short Report

Hello again!

Just stopping by at the public library at Överkalix once again after an exhausting bicycle ride at a constant speed of 25km/h to confirm the acception of my request for this years fair share of university studies before the 30th of July, three days from the deadline, phew. I've been out picking cloud-berries this morning, went jogging to our mailbox and back (it's slightly more than a kilometer away, right beside the mailbox of the last winterly established residence in our village), and then some swimming. The weather is sunny, mostly, but the rain has reached us, after a couple of weeks of vegetables withering away in our dusty lands. I hear we've had the warmest weather in Sweden the past two weeks, which is inspiring news, hehe.

My nephew has stayed with us for a week, a very demanding kid, so I've spent entire days with him playing nothing but games. Maud left on Tuesday, he left on Saturday, Maud will be back the Tuesday after this one for a grand cloud-berry picking finale. It's that time of the year up here. After cloud-berries, blueberries, then lingon-berries, and then hmm... the berries similar to Strawberries? My English vocabulary is viciously fading at irregular intervals.

And did I mention I finally got my drivers license? It feels - GREAT. Got to ride away now, tasks complete, and dinner waiting when I get back. Big blue clouds closing in as well, a menace to my peaceful voyage back. See you later croc.

#207 Oberon's Wonder

Oberon once knew the source
Of light and darkness
Of peace and wars

And all the pieces he faltered on
The weak and valid
The free and strong

the work that took both light and night
And day and dark and sacrifice

The way we live is surpriseful so
We die when all
At most must know

Our peak of voyage
It is the end
Can we reach our absence

Can we climb
To the virtue we lost

I wonder what
The climb
Would have cost

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