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#242 A 320 Verse Less

I had it in my mind
Then I promptly went to sleep
In morning woke to find
That in mind I could not keep

A masterpiece in rhyme
320 verses - more
Than I have ever written
In one poem before

On the brighter side of hand
After hours of deep think
I saved seven centiliters
Of irreplaceable blue ink

#241 My Captor, Smile As You

Fill the copter with diamonds
Sparkle like sunlight
Shimmer like summer
Glisten like blue eyes

Fill the copter with ice
Freezing like the Northern breeze
Colder than your gaze
Cool as your face

Fill the copter with glass
Opaque as the ocean
Translucent like the sky

Fill the copter with

Brilliant as a brilliant
Fine as a goldmine
Beautiful as the morning view
Still no one can smile like you

#240(2) Lost In Shadows

Without stars to guide
How will you hope to know?
Which hope to take pride in
Which way you shall go

Without the moon to shine
How ever will you find
The path that has you blinded
The stairway to your time

When the shadows grip
All the clarity of kin
How do you hope to slip
From this malice in

To the world you used to know
And the light that used to glow
The light that used to guide you
Wherever you would go

#240 Chrystal Rain

The world seems to be
Collapsing I feel
Chrystal is falling
From the sky

I look up and see
A lack of blue free
Only a dull background
passes by

The chrystal that falls
Cuts into my skin
I'm soaked by its essence
Their needles dig in

Dig into my flesh
Dig into my soul
Consuming in caress
Piercing my whole

My legs will not hold
My arms can not reach
I fall with the chrystal
Outcast on the beach

Strands of white sand
A shiver runs from
The dull lasting land
That still moves along

#239 Striffle Of Life

My life always a struggle
It is so far I say
That I can live no other
I can live no other way

Without trouble I am neither
My sane self or my true me
It is trouble that I need
It is this that keeps me free

That when I solve them let me
Give out a sigh of relief
And in poetry set in
Another work at ease

The world is still revolving
Everyday is problem solving
Everyday is a new test
So let me play the rest

Of the games of inner anguish
Of emotion in outreel
Lets me write and lets not riot
Lets me feel

#238 Mind My Rows

Riot in the street
Zion in my mind
No matter who they beat
They will never find

The piece cloaked in my soul
That lends me self control
And ease of peace a whole
Breeze of seizeless rows

One is wonder and I think
I have freedom there behind
One is Southern and I think
That it brings a greed to mind

One is other, one is sun
One is unborn, things to come
All these rows, leave out none
Of identities overcome

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