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#361(3) Sais Guess

I know, that snow
Will fall, this fall
I know, I know
And that's, not all

I guess, I count
I think, the amount
Of stars, that shine
A zillion, combined

#361(2) Hold Behold


Hold her
Behold her


Hold her

#361 Sicker Age

I'm sick of this
I've listened to you for twelve hours
Tell me how to bend this disease

He told me to strain
He told me to use all my power
And I helped him with ease

Still sickness spreads
It fills my lungs as if it were ash
I still my rage

My rash benevolent
It bows down
The superior forces we all hold true

Try to storm
The eye with liaison
Less the world

Be reborn
Concern only his son
Stress the word

Of importance

Merry Aftermath 2009

Ooh, so what did I get for Christmas this year? Quite a few things from a few people. You'll find images below, so, happy browsing.

Apart from the presents pictured I did get a sweater and a game called "Insikt", won't bother filling in the two gifts missed with other than a text update though, Merry Christmas again! Hope you had a great one!

Number 28

Number 28

Twenty Eight


The dictionary tells me this is a 'gadget or other thing for which the speaker does not know or has forgotten the name' and also a word with its origin during the 1870s. It is also listed as a match to the world 'article' on the online thesaurus. Now you know, and now you see, we cannot understand why this be.

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