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#360 My Destiny

In the winter I heard her scream
Aimless agony in my dream
I woke up for I had no choice
My dream was lost in her vivid voice

I thought I imagined, I lost my mind
Fortune has never to me been kind
But it was truth to which I was blind
So now I voyage and chose to find

My Destiny

Number 27

Number 27

Twenty Seven

How to Become a Successful Freelance Webdesigner

Ask me,
and I will reveal the secrets!

I think I'll reveal the secret anyway,
as soon as somebody tells me what it is.

For now,
I'll say as all other wise people in this world, formulated in my own words:
"the path towards the peak of perfection goes through the alley of countless flaws"

Sound wise?
I think so too.

#359 In The End

In the end, all that's left
Is the dawn of regret
In the end, all that parts
Is the spawn of a new start

The sun does set, bloody red
Do you fear? Do you dread?
The sun rose, white and fierce
Skies alive, wide and clear

Number 26

Number 26

Twenty Six

Number 25

Number 25

Twenty Five

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