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1 Days

One day only!
Only one more!
Sit by the window!
Watch the snow pour!

Down from the rooftops!
Float through the vast!
Horizon of future!
Devising our past.

Number 23

Number 23

Twenty Three

#356(2) Untitled 53

Fortune is
All we call for
Hope is
Still at hand

#356 Remberse

I remember one day
I remember one hour
I remember one minute
I remember it well

The first one I counted
A minute, an hour, a day
I'll remember... but after that?

I don't notice the seconds!
They just fly buy
The minutes they are fuzzy!
As clouds in the sky

The hours pass quickly!
I have done my time
Yet the day will always be
A good friend of mine

If I Say

You answer what?

2 Days

Just another couple, of days until there are none
Of days we have to wait, of poems left to come
I ran down to the store, I slipped - but in relief
I crashed into another, turns out he was a thief

So I cuffed him up and sent him, by post to closest jail
They sent me back a "Thank You", so I let out a wail
I wanted cash and money, I wanted so much much more!
Nah, it doesn't matter, with Christmas at the door.

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