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Day Passed, Day Present, Saturday & Sunday

Just came back from a sleepover at big bears house, we filmed a parodious commercial that should be uploaded to YouTube soon - links will be posted, watched a few movies, walked, talked, ate too much and slept too little. I haven't felt this tired since I stayed up two days in a row the new year before last, strange, seeing as I have slept at least six hours. Anyhow, been working on tag and category structure today, and trying to prevent any current or future duplicate URLs. Modified a few pages but I'm really too tired to do any major site management today, will probably play a few games and watch a few movies and take a really long shower, eat dinner and go to bed early and sleep at least twelve hours tonight. Woo, sounds so tempting I can barely wait to get snoring tonight, my yawns are looping. I've been trying to remember the name of an artist I wanted to listen to yesterday for about ten minutes now, in the hope that I'll remember and be able to listen to this artist now and still this growing irritation in not being able to remember what I want to do. Stuff like that only happens when you're tired, hehe. I'll see you later.


One night when searching for some inspiration on the almighty internet, I came across a simply Javascript game in which a stream of sand (or other substance of choice) fell down from the top of the screen (in color and amount of choice) to a ground which you could modify (in material of choice). I don't recall name or URL, but I did take a couple of screenshots of the game, you can see them below. It was a very relaxing timewaster, could play around with it for hours without getting tired. If you find it again, let me know.

Sand Capture

Second Sand Capture

Art Is An Art

Art Is An Art

Don't know who made this nice piece of art, but it's pretty psychedelic!

UPD: Just realized, the author has his name in the picture, his site too, JSYK. :P

FTP Filesize VS PC Filesize

Strange thing I just noticed: file sizes on HTML files are different on my FTP client and on my computer. Same thing with most text based files. Textfiles, PHP files, JS files... those are the ones I checked but it probably applies to a lot of other extensions. Flash files, however, have the same file size both on server and computer. Is this some kind of built in compression in the server software? Maybe Linux and Windows do something different when handling the files? In Windows there are two file sizes listed, the File Size and the File Size On Computer. How the file suddenly becomes larger when on the computer is a mystery to me, never thought much about it before, and that both of these sizes differ from the size shown on the FTP client is an even bigger mystery. Any ideas?

Tribute To The Lost And Damned (0:45)


Beautiful Day & Transfer Progress

Wake up and smell the sunshine!! There's about a half meter of snow on the ground here right now, the sun is shining, it's around -10C, I'm back from a long walk in a world that after recent snowfall seems completely untouched. After wading through a soft half meter of snow with no footprints to follow, the paved thinly snow-coated ground seems harsh and stiff. I'm back by the computer trying to get as much from CDB > CD as I possibly can, but I don't think I'll make it, today. Had some problems with the .htaccess file so you may have experienced a bunch of 500 errors during early morning (or late night, USA & other international locations) but it's all fixed now. I've moved over the entire Music section of the old site (driven on a separate WordPress script) as it conflicted with directory structure, so you'll find almost almost 1000 new posts in the list now (730 to be exact), not with much text, but with music I've made that you might like listening to. All pages have been moved over as well, so I'll be working on updating the music page for an hour or two, and the categories got a bit messed up in the transfer, so the "life" category contains a lot of lifeless content than it should at the moment. It's to be fixed shortly.

I've moved back the blog from the /b/ directory and started porting over static pages into the system, a BIG job I didn't originally plan on doing, but wth, while I'm at it I might as well remodel this place for the future, right? So if you're a new visitor, congratulations, you're at the boundary of something new and previously unseen by human eyes. ;) Think of yourself as an honorable beta tester, it's up to you to test everything new, let me know with a comment if something isn't working that probably should be. Links to new or ported sections can be found in the dropdown list at the top of this page, the regular navigation remains unchanged until everything is neat and tidy. I'll be leaving to film a commercial during Saturday, later.

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