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32 Wads 29

32 Wads

Welcome to this weeks pack of 32 Wads for the great Doom 2 game! Playing it together with the Doomsday Engine is not a must, but highly recommended as you'll get much more out of the game, and these levels. The maps are all created on the fly with the (free) level generator Oblige (google it), so thanks Oblige, I'm much obliged and surprised, wouldn't be able to have this much fun without ya! :D

Download can be found below. See the Doom page for more. Enjoy! (1618 downloads)

Not Always A Good Day

My uncle Inge passed away late last night.

I was going to post something about the concert I went to Saturday, but that doesn't feel right, not today. My mother woke me up with the news, saying that the phone call came, and I feel stupid for not immediately understanding which phone call she meant through the tone of her voice. I spent a few minutes in bed trying to mourn a little, but it feels too unreal. Ate breakfast, went out to shovel snow, now I'm letting the world know.

We're all going on with everyday tasks, life isn't over for us... should we? Maybe we should just sit down and think about Inge all day, not talk, not cry, just treasure memories. I know grandma will be devastated, it's her second son that's passed away, and we're all sad. Inge was a great person and will be missed by everyone, during summer he was always present and the future summers will surely not be the same without him, he'll leave a void where he used to be.

He was not free from vices, with his short temper and aggressive comments about anything unfair or not to his liking, but the comments were still taken with a smile, even in his aggression he managed to pour in a bit of comedy. He was kindhearted, always humorous even when he had it hard, strong willed & very hardworking. He was also the best driver I've known, and a person I admired. Why? I don't know, he appreciated life, he was close to nature, he spoke with sometimes brutal honesty, he claimed to know much more than he did, he was generous, he was short & had a gruff voice. He was special.

I don't know what more I should say, I've said my farewells and I'll keep at it for a few more days until I feel at ease. If there are better places, hope you made it there, hope you are content with the life you lived, you'll always be in our memories. RIP.

Looking For My Jacket

It turns out it became one with the chair.

Apparently it had been there, behind my back, for so long that it was flattened beyond imagination and merged with the chair on all possible physical levels. It felt like a part of the chair. It looked like a part of the chair. It seems the chair looked better with the jacket on it too. I think I'll let it merge with the chair once more when I'm done with it.

Testing #7Z

I found a great program, I thought, skimming through the great gallery of awards it had won. So I downloaded it and tried it out, zipped up a test file (7Z) with this program and did the same thing also through the default 7Z GUI. With this program the compressed files took up 190,000 bytes, with default 7Z it took up 150,000. Also note that I used the ULTRA compression setting in #7Z. Also also note that I get even higher compression ratio than default 7zip GUI through ArcThemAll!. So, this program didn't impress me much.

Of course I can't judge the program only by this, it might compress certain file-types better than other, it may be faster, it may provide excellent mirroring and updating services (which it claims), but it certainly did not win this quick test. It has a few features regular 7zip GUI doesn't have, like self-extracting archives, solid archives, a few additional archive formats, different compression profiles, mirroring, synchronizing, etcetc. All those features may be great, but I don't need them, compression ratio is the most important aspect for me as of right now and this program doesn't cut it.

Damn Slow Day

Actually it passed pretty quickly, but after forcing myself up at seven I was walking around in a daze.

Took a walk outside in stormy weather to clear my mind without gaining any clarity. I then drank a big cup of coffee (four 'normal' coffee cups, real dark) and slowly the fog started to clear. It's dark outside now but I feel great, hope I get tired in time though, I need to get some sleep or I know I'll be feeling 2x as lost tomorrow.

Think I can break my last seventeen hour record?

Diablo 2, A Little Problematic On Windows 7

I used to really love playing this game, but I never made it through it. The main reason for this was that I didn't own the game myself. I think I played it at school first (yepp, fun classes) and later I started playing at irregular intervals through a friend's computer. I didn't get very far, but I did like what I did get and now that I have some free time on my hands (yeah right) I decided to give it a try.

First run wasn't too successful, the colors looked like shit and it seems that all white elements turned pink, among other things, it looked like your average DOS game and it wasn't really as enjoyable as it should be. I tried running the 'Video Test' app and it fixed issues, changing settings for the pre-programmed graphics card. So I booted up the game again, and everything seemed to work great, colors looked fantastic and the storyline started with a kick and everything was going great. But. Something was missing. Guess what?

My character.

I could see all my surroundings just fine, but my character didn't show at all. The highlighted radius around him did, and I could walk around and talk to people without problem, but not seeing the character kinda ruined the mood. I tried finding a fix for this but I couldn't find one, read about the issue in various forums and there seems to be solutions but they all seem pretty complex. One user solved the issue by running a network and installing the game remotely and playing it on a separate computer. I don't plan on doing the same thing.

So what's the plan? Leaving the game be until I really do have time to sit down and solve the problem. In the meantime, there are plenty of other games out there I'd like to play!

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