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32 Wads 30

32 Wads

Welcome to this weeks pack of 32 Wads for the great Doom 2 game! Playing it together with the Doomsday Engine is not a must, but highly recommended as you'll get much more out of the game, and these levels. The maps are all created on the fly with the (free) level generator Oblige (google it), so thanks Oblige, I'm much obliged and surprised, wouldn't be able to have this much fun without ya! :D

The series is nearing and end, so maybe I should reveal that there are only two packs left. This is the first of three levels in which the amount of monsters have been increased significantly. As they are the last 32-episode episodes in this pack of 32-episodes they'll be much more challenging. I've played through one of them myself so far, and it wasn't easy! I died more times than I lived, if that makes any sense. ;P Good luck.

Download and preview can be found below. See the Doom page for more. Enjoy!

Chain Gunning Foes

Download “32 Wads - Pack 30” – Downloaded 143 times – 15 MB

Ahem. Drum Roll Please...

I'll do like MySpace and make the title dull to further enhance the great content of this post. Not that I ever visit MySpace, but they just got their new layout done, and apparently I haven't ticked out some announcement box in the account settings I haven't cared to adjust in the past two or three or fifteen years. I shouldn't be all to criticizing though, the new layout looks great, much smoother than it used to be, though the user pages are still as crazily unprofessional as ever. Reminds me a bit of Geocities, though of course they were ten thousand times better seeing as the people who used those pages actually had some naturally bestowed design talents.

But moving on to todays subject I was planning to speak about but never did start speaking about at the beginning of the post as originally planned due to a certain newsletter popping up in my inbox this cloudy snowy wintery morning: I'm feeling much better now! Still a bit stiff in neck, but otherwise it seems like the dizziness is pretty much gone, and I didn't wake up insanely tired today either. Which is great news, obviously, time to dive into and plow through the tasks at hand. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Smashed My Head

I was standing in the shower this Monday and I must have blacked out.

I woke up with a throbbing head on the tiled floor beside a pool of my own blood, diluted with warm water, my legs still entangled within the bathtub. I have a vague memory of dizziness, turning off the water to get out of the shower, there the memories stop. My dad was pounding on the bathroom door asking if I was alright; I think I stuttered something along the lines of "I don't think so". I managed to get up on unsteady feat, everything feels unreal, like a dream though I know it's not. I grab a towel and unlock the door.

Sitting in the hallway under the glare of a mat light they speak about dialing 112 (Swedish 911) and getting me to a hospital, they think the wound at the back of my head needs stitches. I haven't seen it. I just feel like sleeping.

After throwing up a couple of times and fighting off the foes that try to drag me into an eternal slumber we arrive at the hospital, they ask me a few questions I'm able to answer through the daze, they stitch up the wound, then they keep me there for the night monitoring my heart rate which is, apparently, much higher than it should be. After having fought to stay awake I find myself fighting to fall asleep, they have about ten electrodes patched all over my chest to monitor the heart rate, a tube that runs into one of my veins with some kind of heart-rate-reducing medicine and occasionally they do an ECG or take a blood sample or I have to go to the bathroom because my stomach is feeling very upset.

Eventually my heart calmed down and the hospital let me out of their sanitary grasp. I then spent a couple of days at home eating a lot of white bread and rice to calm down my still very upset stomach that now seems to have had a little too much white bread and rice. I've been sleeping at least twelve hours each night for a couple of days, waking up at four (why four??), sleeping most of the day as well, feeling overall dizzy and amazingly tired all the time. I'm feeling a bit better today so I'm sitting here to tell you about my little adventure. ;)

Symptoms indicate a concussion, which they should have been able to figure out at the hospital, but it seems they were too concerned with my heart, of which I believe the increased rate was just a side-effect of the fall. Why I fainted is a mystery though, I have never fainted before; I'm hoping it won't become a habit after this. Anyhow, that's all for this weeks adventures, later.

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