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Firefly, The Sakura Falls

Booming Blooming

Big things coming sometime soon, the struggle will be hard, but until then I shall refrain from posting anything. Hasta la vista, Windows 7, and beyond! Picture from One Piece.

The Movie Loss

I checked out the TV schedule today skimming for new movies and noticed that the traditional 21 PM movie on Channel 6 has been replaced by a live soccer sequence every day the entire week! WTF! I checked out Voddlers website today too, for no apparent reason, I rarely ever check out the Voddler site because basically there is nothing there... but there was today. There was a notice that access has been shut down for Voddler until the 8th of Mars. Just posted this for the sake of completion, ya know, a trilogy of posts about things that suck. Though these are infact the only three things that suck. Apart from the missing key, the lack of movies & the corrupt CSS the sun is shining and everything is wonderful. Working on a new design for CyberD too, if I haven't said so already. Should do more designing and less writing, haha, goodnight.

The F&%¤ed CSS

I was working on a CSS file, opened it up in Wordpad to change a line, reloaded it in Dreamweaver, tested the site a few times while saving the file and left the computer alone for a while to complete a large file transfer between drives. Came back and opened up my site and it was displayed without styling, so I opened up the CSS file to see if I made missed a } or something. Imagine my horror when the whole file is blank, just blank, and it's still 5,8KB! I suppose that means the file is corrupt.

I've googled all over the place without finding a solution to the problem, and I've never had this problem before either. I've switched between Wordpad and Dreamweaver a lot, but I guess things are different with either the new Wordpad or the CS3 version of Dreamweaver. Part of the file was based on my old CSS, but most of it was new stuff I had been finetuning for at least half a day this week making the new design as perfect as possible. Was going to post a quick snapshot of the new design so far, but now I'll have to rework the entire CSS file instead. This too, sucks.

The - Key

See that? Right there before the 'See that?' There's no letter there, is there? No symbol either? Well there should be, I tapped the - button about fifteen times! Ever since yesterday I've had to really hit the key for it to work

Wonder why it stopped working all of a sudden. I haven't dropped anything on the keyboard, I haven't eaten nearby it lately, I haven't dropped the keyboard either. Haven't done anything. Still the goddamn button isn't working, doesn't feel any different, but it's so insensitive I'm thinking of buying a new keyboard just because of it. If any of you work with web design or computers a lot you'll know that you need a whole lot of _s and -s all over the place. This sucks.

Oh, and the two -s you see in this post. They were both copied and pasted.


Haha, gotta love it.

<djahandarie> we ain't here to do e-c-e
<djahandarie> we're here to do c-s-e on the w-e-b
<djahandarie> listen to me spit these rhymes
<djahandarie> while i program lines
<djahandarie> and commit web accessibility crimes
<djahandarie> word, son
<http402> You talk like your big on these I-Net kicks,
<http402> But your shit flows slower than a two-eighty-six.
<http402> I'm tracking down hosts and nmap scans,
<http402> While Code Igniter's got you wringing your hands.
<http402> Cut the crap rap,
<http402> Or I'll run ettercap,
<http402> Grab your AIM chat,
<http402> N' send a PC bitch-slap!
<http402> peace
<djahandarie> you're talkin bout down hosts and nmap scans
<djahandarie> while i got other plans
<djahandarie> you're at your new job, but you can't even do it right
<djahandarie> you just create a plight with your http rewrites
<djahandarie> i've been on the web since the age of three
<djahandarie> you just got on directly off the bus from mississippi
<djahandarie> respect yo' elders, bitch
<http402> You've been webbin' since three, but still ain't grown up,
<http402> Gotta update your config and send the brain a SIGHUP.
<http402> You say you're that old? No wonder you're slow!
<http402> You're knocking at the door while I run this show!
<http402> Elders my ass, you're shit's still in school,
<http402> Hunt and pecking at the keyboard like a spaghetti-damned fool,
<http402> Rim-riffing your hard drive like a tool,
<http402> Face it. I rule.
<djahandarie> i erase my harddrives with magnets (bitch)
<djahandarie> all you can do is troll on the fagnets
<djahandarie> and son, my brain's wrapped in a nohup
<djahandarie> it wont be hurt by the words you throwup
<djahandarie> dont mind me while i emerge my ownage
<djahandarie> while you're still over there apt-getting your porridge
<djahandarie> you say i'm still in school
<djahandarie> but the fact is that i know the rule
<djahandarie> cuz you need to go back to grade three
<djahandarie> and you better plea, that they take sucky graduates from c-s-e
<http402> Time to bend over and apply a patch,
<http402> Your brain's throwing static like a CD with a scratch.
<http402> Your connection got nuked and you've met your match.
<http402> You run a single process like a VAX with a batch.
<http402> I'd pass the torch to a real winner
<http402> But it'd just scorch a while-loop spinner
<http402> Caught in a loop that you cant escape,
<http402> I run clock cycles around your words and flows,
<http402> Cuz your rhyme is like a PS fan: it' blows,
<http402> Your water-cooled lyrics leak and it shows,
<http402> Take your ass back to
<djahandarie> Good god, I can't even respond to that. :P
<djahandarie> You win haha
* http402 takes a bow


Smash Face On Keyboard - Post Result

A new site has appeared, it brings with it a revolution, a commercial breakthrough in the sales of keyboards. Behold. The idea is very simple, but still oh so entertaining, I tried smashing my head on my keyboard about twenty times before gaining any results at all, turns out the keyboard outputs nothing at all when multiple keys are typed simultaneously, bummer, I need an older keyboard so I can use this app to it's fullest potential, hehe, here are my results:

Smash Face On Keyboard

Post Result

I feel smarter already. :P

UPD: no longer is. :/

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