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The Oddessy For Oddity

Ever done something just because you never did it before? Here is a list of ninety nine semi-entertaining things you can do easily that you and the majority of all people on this round planet probably haven't done and wouldn't usually do. When you've made your way through the entire list you certainly have something to brag about, maybe not always the achievements themselves, but certainly a very extreme dedication to the tasks at hand.

  1. Eat a cabbage head
  2. Walk backwards down or up a set of stairs you commonly ascend/descend
  3. Chew on a glass bottle
  4. Play Frisbee with an old LP
  5. Break a glass by squeezing it (be sure to wear thick gloves)
  6. Climb up a lamppost and head butt the top
  7. Say "I've never even thought of saying this phrase earlier, why isn't that a strange wonder of the wide world, huh"
  8. Say the above, backwards
  9. Walk through a door backwards
  10. Open a window with your foot
  11. Use a yo-yo so fiercely that the string breaks, without touching any nearby objects in the act
  12. Eat a bowl of vanilla ice cream with olive oil and pasta
  13. Cut out a blue piece of paper and post it on a computer screen
  14. Draw a smiley face with dandelion heads
  15. Wait until the clock strikes 0:00, and roar
  16. Go to bed at 13:37
  17. Watch a movie backwards (at normal pace, rewinding doesn't count)
  18. Brush your teeth with a hair brush
  19. Use real money instead of toilet paper
  20. Count down the seconds during one minute at three randomly chosen intervals within one hour
  21. Do a somersault on a car
  22. Chew an olive core into tiny pieces
  23. Eat a raw onion whole
  24. Beat a Guinness world record by yourself
  25. Drink two liters of water in less than 20 seconds
  26. Take a bath (in bathtub) in ice cold water
  27. Pluck at least a hundred hairs from your head, one at a time
  28. Hit two rocks in motion with the same rock
  29. Open a door while standing on your hands
  30. Stand still for one hour
  31. Stay silent for one day
  32. Be vegan for a week
  33. Eat bread with butter on all sides
  34. Do a barrel roll
  35. Visit 10,000 different websites in a day
  36. Click on as many sequential links in a second as you can
  37. Make a website crash just by refreshing it constantly
  38. Paint a picture on one of your windows
  39. See how many pencils you can break in ten seconds. The limit is ten seconds to limit the amount of exponential pencil destruction
  40. Make a first person video with the video camera taped to your back as you walk backwards
  41. Try to make a pillar of matchboxes that reaches the ceiling.
  42. See how many pairs of sunglasses you can wear
  43. Draw simultaneously with both hands and both feet
  44. Remember an action you regret doing and do it undone
  45. Bring the shovel inside and try digging out the floor
  46. Sit in a box and slide down the stairs
  47. Turn all paintings on the wall upside down
  48. Line up a domino line with matches, it's a precision sport
  49. Make a dartboard for throwing pencils
  50. Bundle up a bit ball of paper, tape it together, have fun
  51. Slide at least ten meters on a plain surface
  52. Run fast and throw yourself at the water surface so you slide a while before sinking, it requires speed
  53. Watch four movies simultaneously without getting confused
  54. Wear at least ten watches for a week
  55. Cover the whole floor with an even layer of flour
  56. Write this full list of things to do on the inside of a matchbox
  57. Walk sideways for a whole day
  58. Shake until your lose a kilo weight
  59. Be cool
  60. Imagine your favorite food so fiercely you salivate a full deciliter in half a minute
  61. Type and delete the same word a hundred times in a row without making any typo
  62. Practice falling down without hurting yourself
  63. Listen to the rain when the sun is shining, feel the sunshine when the rain is falling
  64. Be patient
  65. Make a million dollars
  66. Roll over, sit up, bend backwards, flip up, spin jump, cartwheel, split
  67. Eat fifty small meals in a day
  68. Write a poem split up into a hundred posts
  69. Make your own tongue twister
  70. Say "The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" repeatedly without twisting your tongue
  71. Practice flying dropkicks on your bed
  72. Get an electric guitar and go wild at top volume without knowing how to play
  73. Study your ancient ancestors history
  74. Live ten years longer than you would live in your current state of health
  75. Try throwing Frisbee with a plate
  76. Take the car and just drive aimlessly for a whole day
  77. Cut up old paper and other clean trash to confetti, and let it rain down around you
  78. Walk on your hands in deep snow
  79. Write a book in seven days, and make at least $1000 publishing it
  80. Eat a bowl of marmalade, mayonnaise & soy sauce
  81. Jog a hundred laps around a flower pot
  82. Stand on one leg for thirty minutes
  83. Hold your hands above your head for two hours
  84. Jump
  85. Splatter a trail of ketchup out through your front door to the street and see what happens
  86. Rub your foot against the floor until either your foot or the floor gives up
  87. Dye you hair in a color you hate
  88. Write a list of 99 creative things you can do
  89. See how your eyeballs rotate sideways if you twist your head
  90. Listen to the same song repeatedly the entire day
  91. Meditate until you fall asleep
  92. Meditate until you reach Nirvana
  93. See how long you can stay awake
  94. Learn to play a new instrument in one week
  95. Make a pirate flag and attach it to your house
  96. Make a statue out of carved potato bits
  97. Buy a car and crash it
  98. Read through EVERYTHING on
  99. Take a vacation, now, right now

CyberDyze! Wutt?

Cberdyze Wutt

Haha, I was a bit surprised to get this in my inbox yesterday. Thought CyberDyze was all dead and gone already, but it seems like some places still haven't forgotten about it. :)

Winter Withering, A Return From Kangos

I'm back in business, back to Stockholm, back to the computer.

How does it feel?

I miss the snow, the fresh air, the warm sunshine glazing over fields of frozen white, the steamy sauna, the hard work plowing a passageway around Grandmas house, the refreshing walks beside the iced river, the route over a small frozen lake on the way to our isolated cottage. When I was there I was thinking about what I should do next with my sites. Now that I'm here I'm thinking about all the time I could have spent thinking about or doing better things on my short vacation. It passed quickly, and now it has passed.

Today is the first day waking up in my tiny room here in what seems like a very very long time, at Grandmas place I slept in a big double bed with a clear white ceiling above me, space on both sides, a wooden floor below me & darkness outside the open window. Here the streetlights softly illuminate my room, the walls cave in upon me, the room has fallen down towards me, the bed does not allow me to roll over without me bumping into a dark blue wall or falling onto the plastic floor beside me.

Outside, the highway can be heard a long distance away.

Occasionally a train passes by or a few late-night people walk down on the street chatting loudly with no thoughts of the people nearby, dreaming of the glorious silence that Kangos did bestow. It feel strange having been there yesterday, and being here now, in a suburb yet so close to the city, a city that thrives with people, a confined machine of concrete and slaves. They wallow like cockroaches along the streets in an endless torment of lost hope, unanswered questions and temporarily high spirits.

How anyone would want to live here is currently beyond my wildest imagination, yet it dawns on me that I have lived here, at least occasionally, for the past five years. Maybe this is the reason I've become more and more absorbed in the digital realm, the world of computers. A different dimension to which I can escape this barbaric inhumane ministry that we call civilization.

I'm leaving for the opera in less than an hour, to watch 'Figaros Wedding' at the Stockholm Opera. Buddy Bear invited me with a free spare ticket, so even though I should be plowing through studies left incomplete after my journey to a land that now seems only part of dreams, I am now reuniting with an old friend instead and spending valuable house viewing acts of drama and terror. After that the plan is to walk, talk & consume pizza. Should be fun!

An occasional tour into what most naive people call the heart of our country can be enjoying, sometimes, but after each trip over North I retain a very strong and slowly dying desire to move away from this... city.

When I was two I had lived up North for two years, and I think I enjoyed it, but now I no longer remember those times, and thus I am hesitant to move. Or maybe the hesitation is based on my current lack of good economy and a stable job that I could rely on whilst living on my own. Still, the hesitance may have another cause. Am I putting too much faith in the care of my parents? Will I become caged in this carefree world, drenched in the ambition I constantly strive to enforce? Am I hesitant to move up North simply because I am hesitant to move away from my only real source of safety on this wild and throbbing globe we live on?

Regardless of my intents or wonder, the time will come, sooner now than yesterday. The best I can do is prepare, in thought and in resource.

Me & TV

I was just about to say that I haven't watched any TV now for a full month, but then I realized I did watch a couple of programs while visiting my Grandma this past week... but that doesn't count, does it? Either way, thinking of keeping my own TV off for a full year, that should make me feel better. You know, healthier, like, more time for better things such as lifting weights and running laps around the house. Woo!

Travel Plans 2010

On Wednesday this week me and my mother are going by plane up To Kangos to visit my grandmother, staying there for a week. In June we are all going by car up to Överkalix (it's a two day drive), in July I'll be flying by plane back to Stockholm, then by plane to London with my sister/brother to celebrate a wedding, back to Stockholm three days later, up to Östersund either by car or plane, down to Överkalix again by train, and back up to Stockholm in September. Hehe, a lot of trips, but I like travel so it'll be fun, just a bit expensive. Anyhow, I'm leaving for my very short vacation the day after tomorrow, hope you have a good week!

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