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Pico, VPS & Valborg

Woo, seems like today is Pico Day! NG has a brand new layout, and if I had time I'd throw together a quick submission in honor, maybe I will, later. It's also Valborg, a day celebrated here in Sweden with big parties. Apparently they used to burn witches alive on this day, so that's a nice tradition isn't it? A quick Google translation tells me Valborg is known as May Day, which just seems a bit strange, but WTH, happy May Day! ;P

In other news, I just bought myself a brand new VPS after many hours of looking for a host that seemed both cheap and reliable. I think I found one. The past two hours I've been struggling with an SSH command line I really don't know anything about, tried the Putty client and my hosts built in console and finally I've managed to set up Webmin, a little control panel that should do things more me that I wouldn't have been able to do through command line only. I don't know how I made it this far. The command line makes me feel lost and doubtful, it's only through graphical interfaces I really know what's going on, lmao.

For those interested in digital specs the VPS is running Linux Cent OS, 512 RAM with the same amount of burst, AMD Phenom(tm) 9750 Quad-Core Processor, 1 core and a 35GBs of alloted drives space. I just finished installing 106 package updates so I'm on my way to configure the server and make it work like it's supposed to. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it's like a dedicated server, only it's shared, so it's not dedicated at all really. I'm now running one Reseller account, one Shared & one VPS, all with different hosting companies, for a total fee which is considerably less than what most people pay for a single VPS account with much less space and bandwidth than I'm paying for. Hah. Haha. I feel like I've made a great investment. If anybody needs hosting let me know, I have some space to share at the moment.

In other thoughts, is it just me or are there really no really good web-hosts around anymore? I've been looking around forever without really finding anything worth signing up for. I thought I found a great plan at Mochahost until I discovered I had to sign up for three years to really get the price I though I would be getting a discount on without even the discount. They offered a free e-nom reseller, WHM setup, etcetc, all with the VPS, and that would really have been much better than the current unmanaged one without installed control panel I'm currently using. I'm sick and tired of all the unlimited hosting plans too, there's no such thing as unlimited, they cheat you out constantly, and if you want real hosts, not overselling, you'll need to pay at least $10 a month for a tiny amount of space, which doesn't feel very good either. Anyhow, I'm happy I didn't sign up with Mocha and chose the current host instead, it's a suitable VPS start, not too big, not too costly, and it feels great being in control over all website resources, finally! :D

Well then, seeing as I've spoken about more than I was thinking about speaking about I think it's time I stop blogging for a while and tend to business, see you later.

Dream Of A Flood

I dreamt tonight that I was up at the summer cottage in Kangos, and there was a great flood, the water rose higher and higher very rapidly and soon the sauna by the lake was covered all the way up to the roof. I wasn't worried however, it was wonderful and I wanted to take a picture. There was only a square of grass left amidst what had previously been just a small lake and was now a large ocean of fresh glistening water amidst the bushy green forests of Northern Sweden. My dad was standing by a low steady wooden fence with two bars taking snapshots too.

The skies that had previously been clouded had now been pulled apart and the sunshine was falling through as the water rose. I pushed the button but it didn't click, wrong button, seems I turned off the camera. I turned it on again but missed the square of greenery remaining in the lake, like a sinking island it faded away. Why was there a square of greenery? I thought it was the roof to our Sauna? It was the roof to our Sauna, but maybe we had grass on our Sauna roof, the water was wonderful, calming, renewing, vivid with the scenery around it. Steep mountains (that aren't really there) sloping down around the gorgeous lake on all sides. I woke up, and realized that's not how it is, but it was still beautiful.

That's all I remember from the night passed, wrote down quick. Dreams aren't always coherent so I wrote it down in a big block, typing without thinking, just recalling, maybe that will make the text actually sound more like the dream was when I dreamt it.

Apr 29 2010 (1:05)


Feels Great Doing Great!

Stuff like this makes my morning. :P

UPD: Whyd'ya remove the post man? >:/ Not even TWM has an archived version!
The post was a Thank You for a user picture I designed, for those of you wondering.

Falling Behind

My nose is clogged at most I'm hogged of all the time I used to spend.
When I could spend my time divine but now I feel I need to mend.
To tend to spent dues, comprehend truth, lend some time and bend the splendor.
Fall behind to clean my mind and rise up full of vital signs.
With peace in soul and head and whole.

Quick poetry I wrote with unopened throat just now. :P
In other news, it seems I've attained an ear infection too, not nice.

Star Day 2010

Happy Star Day!

Happy Birthday Star Syndicate, and congratulations on surviving a 6th year!

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