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32 Wads 02

32 Wads

Here's another batch of 32 wads for your playing pleasure! A little more open theme this week, where all levels feature lots of liquid areas, low ledges and long distance projectiles. Maybe it'll be a bit harder than the other one, heh, and I like open areas. With Doomsday you'll be able to jump out of the low pits easily, but without it you'd better watch where you step, even water harms you when you touch it here. IOW, you can't swim. :P

Preview and download below!

Fiery Balls

Download “32 Wads - Pack 2” – Downloaded 142 times – 9 MB

The Q2K10 Tape

The Q2K10 Tape

Been a while since I threw together some music, digitally, so for a change I put together a quick little album now just before summer, you can find it right here or listen to the tracks through the blogs just posted. Tape is called Q2K10, and it's all music, no song, think of it as experimental hiphop. Let me know what you think. :)

StillGrid (2:03)


SoundBumps (1:47)


RedFine (1:39)


Kilo10 (2:14)


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