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Still North, K?

Hello peoples all around the world stopping by to check on my latest activity, to find some since long lost or recently found resource or to just get lost on the waves of the almighty Interweb.

I'm just stopping by to let you know that I'm still up north in the northern norths of Sweden gaining a much darker suntan than I predicted, oftenly diving down into the dark blue waves that are now not as chilly as earlier in a breeze that reeks of beautiful summer. Got myself a new bike, so I'll be out exploring from early morning, when other tedious tasks don't come in the way. Buddy Andreas should be up sometime next week (you reading this? haha) but I'll be in Kangos until the 7th, just so you know. :P

Otherwisingly, no new news, not a lot of time to spend so I'll be signing off and wishing you all a happy day! Have a happy day.

32 Wads 06

32 Wads

As you might know I'm not really here right now, I'm on summer vacation, but I can't let that stop me from posting a few levels once in a while, can I? These will keep running until till Christmas, hehe, long time. The pack of levels I'm giving out today is of an interior theme. So expect lots of tight spaces, crates piled high and swarms of monsters not being able to surround you completely. Preview and download are included below. See the Doom page for more.

Factory (1166 downloads)

32 Wads 05

32 Wads

This weeks pack of WADs features a dark mash-up of Wolfenstein-styled levels for Doom 2. There's also going to be a lot of caves and darkness. You probably won't see a lot, apart from the times when you let the flare of your gun bright up the room. Regardless, hope the level pack is enjoyable! Note: You'll need Doom II and a launcher to play these levels, see the Doom page for links and information. Preview and download follow below.

Wolfenstein Style (1155 downloads)

32 Wads 04

32 Wads

Get ready for more open level, plain and unexplained carnage! :) Note: You'll need Doom II and a launcher to play these levels, see the Doom page for links and information. Preview and download follow below.

Platformer In 3D (1096 downloads)

32 Wads 03

32 Wads

Ready for another batch? No need for words, the theme is similar to both the previous and next pack of WADs in this series, preview and download follow below. Note: You'll need Doom II and a launcher to play these levels, see the Doom page for links and information.

Little Island (1135 downloads)

Up & North

I'm up in the northern norths of Sweden now, sitting in the public library jotting down a few lines to let you know all that's happening in my life at this moment and all that will be happening in it from now on. Right now not very much has happened... we drove up by car yesterday, a drive which took a few hundred kilometers and two days. The first night was spent by the ocean in a nice little hostel (though hostel is the official translation it's a strange word, sounds much better translated directly from Swedish, to 'travelers home') with tiny windows, two floors and barely any other visitors. I didn't think I'd get any sleep since the sun kept shining in through the unbarred window, a fresh breeze kept blowing in a bit too cooly, and an abominable snoring nearby would inevitably keep me from all but resting. Woke up rested anyway though, surprise! The next night was spent at home sweet home, up in our summer place, and I fell asleep exhausted this day after many hours driving /we took turns) and a whole lot of maintenance when we finally reached our destination.

The weather up here is gray and unmentionable, the Internet connection is slow, and it's not so warm yet seeing as the last snow just recently melted away at the mercy of rarely occurring rays of sun. I feel a bit lost without a steady and sufficiently speedy Internet connection and always overlying goal for the day, but in a day or two I know I'll have settled in, there's a lot to do here, or anywhere for that matter, and I'm too restless to just sit and roll thumbs anyway, so no doubt I'll be taking on and overtaking a lot of projects this soon to come summer. Brr.

Apologies for the great amount of typos this post no doubt contains, I'm used to having my spell check rinse them all away but it seems this computer doesn't have one and won't let me install one either. :P Later.

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