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Thought Slow

Guess what I'm working on today, a grand big essay, I want to get done so that it's blown away, to the alcoves old and grey, and then left there to decay, as the decades pass and I stray, further from the path engraved, on my perspective plate, panorama. Can you think what I think yo? No? My thoughts slow, I slow down, I thought so. Three hours and thirty-three minutes until the deadline.

Late Night Or Early Morning

Grugh, I'm trying to complete a big chunk of essay today but the words just seem to fade away. Should I let it be and start working tomorrow morning instead or stay on it until I achieve what I set out to do? Each time of day has it's time, so what is mine, I'm not too tired and night, but it seems my brain is still functioning only at half speed. On the other hand, I can be incredibly tired come morning, but I'm not in the same daze as I am late night. Then again, if I don't fall asleep right away when I go to bed I'll have wasted valuable time doing nothing that I could have used working. But, if I go to bed too late I might not get enough sleep until tomorrow and thus be incapacitated the rest of the day. Though, as it is now I'm writing a blog when I should either be sleeping or typing, so I'll end this with a quote and get back to business, scribbling and snoozing away: now it's night and then comes day.

See you morning.


Aaaargh, godammit! I don't understand a thing I'm reading about. Neofunctionalism, positive integration, the three European pillars, Europeanization (ok, I understand that, piece of cake) and all of the other terms that won't even come to mind any more, what a big load of horse shit this is. Not worth reading about, not worth learning, no doubt.


-21C today, the sun shining, it feels a bit chilly. :P

D-Link Network Problems & Other Problems to Fix

I'm trying to plugin a D-Link NAS server I bought to my computer, tried just connecting it using the same cable as I normally connect to internet (ethernet), but it doesn't work at all. I'm used to just plugging in external drives and having them appear as folders under "My Computer", where I can then just open the folder and browse or modify files in it. According the manual it's as simple as 1-2-3, just plug it in and there you go, but I seem to have missed something important somewhere since I just can't get this goddamn machine working. When I opened up the Easy Search Tool, a program that came with the little server, the D-Link device showed up the in list, but I couldn't open or configure it at all, or assign a drive letter to it. There doesn't seem to be any "problem", so what am I doing wrong? Tried plugging it in through a router too, but that didn't work, and I couldn't get internet to work through the router either. Will try sorting it out this weekend, until then, I've got a bunch of unfinished projects I need to get rid of, though of course this is one of them, just much lower priority. I like lists, so I think I'll make a quick todo one now, for the sake of clarification... and motivation, maybe, this is what I'll dive into tomorrow morning and complete ASAP, in order:

  1. Sort Room
    Before my computer arrived I decided to sort out my room, since I was planning on placing it on my desk back then. It's never been a mess, everything has been packed together neatly and resource-efficiently all over the place, problem is I just have too much stuff and there are just too many boxes under the bed and desk and filling up the closet and, yeah, all over the place. So I took everything out and started moving furniture and decided to sell and throw away some stuff and thought I'd have it all worked out in a day, but the more I tried to sort things out the bigger the mess became. I can't just throw away anything that's in the way, even though it would probably be like lifting a big boulder off my shoulders, so I left it alone for a few days, thought maybe I could dream the mess away, maybe I'd clean it in my sleep, who knows, but apparently nothing happened so it's going down tomorrow!
  2. Get Prize
    I won 50 SEK! That's about $8. Still, it's money and I need to go get my money before the expiration date, why wait.
  3. Sort EU
    Last year I took a small university course on EU, bad idea, I'm not interested at all and I don't know anything and what I do learn is sticking like tape that you left in the sun with the sticky side up for five years: not at all. My teacher just emailed me and told me I have two days to hand in two assignments, so the plan is to get done AT LEAST one assignment each day. On the 7th, the final assignment will be given and I'll get three days to complete it. I mist the first final assignment, so I just can't screw up this chance... feeling pretty stressed already.
  4. Get Project Organization Theory Course Done
    I'm a bit behind now, with a little luck I'll be able to catch up and maybe even finish the course before the week is over. Actually I think the course ends on the 9th, so that's more of a must than a maybe.
  5. Sort CyberDB
    If only I could go through all website files and then have one humungeous project less to take care of I'd be happy.
  6. Get Project 2009 Done
    I should have uploaded the last poem four days ago, and then written a little resumé on the year that passed... and then make a book out of it, but I can wait with the book part until everything else is done.
  7. Sort CyberD
    Two layouts to revise, one to create, and a bazillion pages to edit and add.
  8. Get BlazeMint Up
    I said I'd have it up in Januray 1, and guess what, it's not there! Need to get this thing finished Pronto!
  9. Sort Drives
    I moved over all the files from the old computer to the new one, and everything is all over the place now. Lots of programs I've never used and never will use lying around, lots of things I don't need, lots of things I do need that aren't were I need them. I get carried away at times and start organizing things with way too much effort, seeing to it that all filenames have the same structure, etcetc. It's a new year, I think I'll just say "flunk that skit" and get rid of the bad habbit just like that. If I could just get my D-Link NAS server working it would be a breeze sorting out all my files, and then keeping them all backed up safely on mirrored drives with RAID 0 to 5, my choice. So the plan is: Get NAS server working. Then get files sorted.
  10. Get ClickTrick Moved
    Told Avery I'd move the site to a new server two weeks ago, time flies!
  11. Sort Eva Konst
    A client website that's been waiting for way too long, probably a bit more important than a few of the tasks above, but I need to be focused when I start on this, can't rush it like the above.
  12. Get Studies Selected for 2010
    I sent in my application two months ahead of schedule, so it won't be very groovy if I miss the deadline for acception and rejection. This is the final task.

If I can get all of that done before midnight Sunday I'll feel a lot happier, the past few weeks have been semiholiday weeks with a little added stress for not doing what I should be doing. There's positive and negative stress, and that is definately negative, it slowly eats up you're hopes for the future until you have none left, with twelve big projects less on my mind and a sevenday tsunami of progress I'll be able to rebuild them quickly before the new year really gets running. See you in seven days!

Voddler Invited

Voddler Logo

I added a d at the end of the title so you won't think I'm giving any invites away, cause I don't have any. I wonder when they'll remove that '0' and replace it with some nicer larger number so I can start referring people. Because it just feels great to get something like this delivered in your mailbox...

The Message

Actually that's not the message that dumped into my inbox, that's the one you see on the site after signing up, but that's not the point here. The point is that I finally got my Voddler invite! Yahoo! For those of you who don't know, Voddler is a site which offers a large database of movies for free viewing, legally. It's ad-based, but the amount of ads displayed isn't too large at all, currently there are only a few video ads in show before the movie, the movie itself plays without interruption. To watch movies you need an account, which after getting an invite just takes a few seconds to set up. After that you need to download the Voddler client, install it, and open it to start watching movies. The client consists of three separate programs, which don't take up much space, and are installed easily.

If you have a firewall (like an ordinary human individual should) you may run into some trouble as clearing the main Voddler programs for outbound access doesn't seem to be enough, evidently there's some other hidden scripts you don't know about that also need to access the net, so you basically need to disable all outbound protection, which isn't good at all if you're concerned about security. It can however be done pretty easily in Zone Alarm, the program I use, so I did so and tried launching the program again. Didn't work. Tried all sorts of things, but I had to reboot the whole system for it to start working. So the playing procedure isn't very smooth. In comparison to similar programs such as Joost (also free, sort of like an online TV client) this one sucks. The interface is also pretty crappy, and you can navigate only through your keyboard, there is no support for the mouse at all. You use the arrow keys and enter or escape to navigate through the menus, adjust screen settings, and play/pause/stop/forward-rewind movies. It takes some getting used to, but even when you have gotten used to it, it could have been a hell of a lot smoother with mouse support.

As for the movies, there's a lot of them, both older and newer movies. The movie quality is good, better than your average VCD (700MB avi), and there seems to be subtitles for all available movies as well... not that I've checked all of them, but the ones I did check had subtitles. The movies play without hacking (I'm on a 8MBit connection) and it's easy to browse through the movie database. The only feature I really miss is some kind of advanced search feature in which you can filter names/categories/years/etc. Otherwise this service offers a LOT of bang for no buck at all! They even have some exclusive pre-releases, which is more than even most paid services can offer. I said earlier that they are ad-financed, but they do have premium movies as well, which you have to pay to rent. None of the movies I tested (I watched one completely, started a few others to check quality/speed) were payable however and you can easily filter either Free or Premium movies, so you won't have to go through the annoying process in which you with high hopes and expectations open up a title you are willing to watch only to find that you can't do so ... without paying. It's a straightforward and easy to use service. The client itself could use some interface and functionality upgrades, but otherwise I love Voddler, come Friday I'll be sitting glued to the screen for at least three or four cinematical flicks in a row. It'll be a challenge withstanding the urge all through this week, but I have other things that need doing. :/

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