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ZoneAlarm was one of the first programs I installed on my brand new Windows 7 installation, a firewall I've been using earlier and always liked. I then installed AVG Free, an Anti-Virus I've used earlier and always liked. Both of these are free and work together nicely, one keeps track of Internet activity and both incoming and outbound connections. The other takes care of viruses and malicious code. I noticed to my dismay today that I couldn't shut down AVG when I wanted to (I wanted to do so when installing a pretty heavy set of programs to have as much system capacity available as purely possible) so I searched the net for a new Anti-Virus program and pretty quickly found Microsoft Security Essentials. I've never been a big fan of Microsoft, but all the reviews I read about this program were good and it seemed pretty light too, so I installed it and at first it worked great. Then my computer started freezing, over, and over, and over again. It froze when I tried to update the MSE virus definitions, when I tried to open up FireFox & when I tried shutting down uTorrent. I tried using Opera and IE to search for information on why this was happening, and yet again it froze. A few reboots later I decided to login as guest and try again with only standard programs, and it worked fine. ZoneAlarm was disabled in Guest mode, so I searched for compatibility issues between Zone Alarm and MSE... the last program I had installed... and found a lot of them.

So I decided to uninstall ZoneAlarm and use Windows built-in firewall, and now everything is peachy again. I have no spent a few hours rebooting the computer and gaining wisdom, so learn from my adventure and don't install MSE & ZA at the same time. A more detailed report on how MSE works will be available when I've used it for a while. In difference from Zone Alarm it doesn't block any outgoing connections, which is fine when it comes to Voddler (which the next blog post will be about), but otherwise not so great if any malicious key-loggers find their way onto my PC and start sending out information. According to Microsoft they don't need to block outgoing connections since they already monitor anything incoming and downloading, and it definitely saves CPU usage, but I'd still like the option to be available just in case. MSE is otherwise a very fast and simple program, easy to use and easy to shut down if you don't want it running anymore ... unlike AVG. It's also completely free, with no extrabuff version you can buy to gain additional features, the only catch is that you need a Genuine version of Windows, but I have that ... now, so everything is OK.


Oh holy ghosts of Santa Monica this is unbelievable, but let's make it believable in the form a blog post. Also leavable if you press that X at the top of the screen... to your right. Here's to another 500!


OMG, we're up at 400 blogposts! The times are amazing. :D

Feng Shui Craze

I read a book about Feng Shui three times yesterday and the day before, and it feels like I've really been inspired. I won't dive into what Feng Shui is, you can get all the info you need here, instead I'll tell you about what it made me do. It made me break out in a craze redecorating my room, I've moved everything all around the place, furniture, items, all with the different locational values and utilities in mind. Had to empty most of my furniture before being able to move it, so it's really been a thorough sweep through all the things I own.. excluding some old unused stuff already packed into the shed and attic.

I've moved the bed, the desk, the chair, the armchair, the bookshelf, the dual wardrobes and my drawers, all to new locations of the room. I cleared out the pile of boxes behind the door, beneath the desk, behind the TV, under my bed, moved out the TV table, went through everything in the bookshelf, in the drawers, in the closets, and put out an advert for three boxes full of VHS films I'm giving away (over a hundred) and packed a box with abundant material I still want to keep for the future, mostly books and comics, that no longer fit in my room. I cleaned our all viewable dust. I redecorated. My room feels great now, living, open, cozy, everything has a place and a purpose.

Actually it feels messy as hell since I haven't really cleaned everything up yet, but I'll get there, I know I'll get to the point where it feels (see line above). The fact that my new computer was on the verge of arriving probably helped bring forth this new era of refurnishment as well, I needed space for it somewhere in my room, because there was no space for it in any other room in the house! All rooms are crammed with large furniture and items to the point where it doesn't really feel crammed, but would do so if any new item arrived in it. The house isn't too small in itself, but I'm getting to the point where I should probably have a smaller apartment to myself for proper space and placement.

Anyhow, the whole Computer in Bedroom concept goes against the Feng Shui principles a bit, but I didn't think I had much of a choice. Am not having trouble sleeping as it is now, even with TV/Video/Consoles at times blazing on one side of the room, so I was hoping the coming of this computer wouldn't affect my sleep either. If it did, I would probably just be having a little kickoff of FengShui-related paranoia, nothing serious, nothing to worry about, it'll have passed with time. Either that or I'll have just been so damn exited about my new computer I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway, haha, hmm, nothing to do but wait and see and hear and smell I thought. Turns out the Computer + Bedroom combo wasn't a very tasty one though, and now it is moved, but the room is still starting to look pretty good. I'll post pictures later, have had everything placed in the same spaces for about two years, and two years is a long time, moving things around a bit is a nice change of scenery.

Revelation Of Hydration

Drinking coffee, tea, etc is not as good as drinking water in terms of amountual hydration... why? I always though the body somehow couldn't split the water from the coffee, but it seems I was wrong, it seems that coffee, tea, etc have much more water diuretic tendencies. IOW, you won't be able to hold the sufficient amounts of water your body actually needs on a daily basis. Hmm... secrets revealed...

Teeth And Lasors

I wasn't aware that laser technology was used in fixing teeth until I read about it on the news. I spoke to my sister about it and she told me she had been to a dentist in Costa Rica over ten years back who used laser equipment! And I thought Sweden was less of a third country than most of the other places around this globe, why the hell haven't we started using laser equipment until now? I searched the net and found to my dismay that dentists here in Sweden are still skeptical about this new technology, but it also seems that everybody who has used it so far is happy with it (the patients, I mean, dentists are still a bit skeptical). There are about 70 private dentists who offer this treatment in Sweden now, which is for a dentistphobical person like me a great relief.

I truly hope it becomes a standard, since all the things I have been reading about the technology so far seems great. It's virtually painless, and apparently much less harmful on the teeth than the regular drilling tool dentists use. Yahoo! If my toothaches return before January is over I'll try to get in touch with one of these dentists and book a time, otherwise, I'm waiting until after summer. Why? In Sweden people between age 20-29 get a 300KR allowance from the government to be used on dental fees. People under 20 years also get dental care free, but only at Folktandvården (national league of dentists) ... but they don't use laser. Hopefully they will soon. Anyhow, since I am 20 and will receive 300KR on the 1st of July I will wait until then my friend, with big hopes for the future, CyberDevil signing out.

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