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Yeah Yeah Yeah 3

So that Pokemon Silver game I posted about earlier? I got it, it didn't work, savefile kept disappearing. I've read that it's a common error on Pokemon Silver games, but fortunately it's one that can be fixed, all you need to replace is the internal battery. Uhuh. Yeah right, I don't think I'll be replacing any internal batteries in game cartridges (not because I can't), sooo...

I bought another Pokemon Silver. This one turned out to be the Japanese version, and guess what, the save function didn't work on this one either. So what next? I bought Pokemon DarkCry. I knew it was a fake version of the game but I still bought it, for fun, because it's, yeah, fun. It sucks. It's the same as the game it's based on, which I am assuming is Pokemon FireRed by how the story starts, apart from a few minor edits.

All the changes I've seen so far are a few replaced words like NOOB instead of PROF, a new intro screen (looks good I must admit), some new sprites, maybe some hacks to the script, I'm not sure, but if that's all that's different... there isn't much point to the game. I'm playing through Pokemon Sapphire too though, a game that is good. Oh, I got the Ruby too; I just ordered FireRed & LeafGreen from Hong Kong (cheaper).

In other life? Studies, trying to sell stuff, made a banner for a buddy, did some things. Not much of interest right now so I suppose that concludes this posting for the posting. Yeah.

End Of The Free Weekend

Yeah... I'm back. Insanely tired and smelling of a burnt-out fire, but glad of the times that I've had and to be, for a weekend, free.

Three Book Reviews & A Vacation

Sunday. I'm sitting by the computer writing the first of three book reviews, one due the passed Monday, two of them due the Monday after the next one. I probably won't get them all done today. The plan is to complete one today, and get the two remaining ones finished tomorrow. I should probably be writing the one that's due, yet it somehow feels easier writing one of the one's that aren't. Out of those two I have only read one of the books, so the choice over which one I should write is fairly easy. I'll be reading out the second book today.

We spent dinner as guests yesterday, and today we're having guests over for dinner. I've written a lyric that will be recorded in studio (first one yay) and I'll be helping some friends auction out old things for a certain provision, hopefully before I leave. When do I leave? Thursday. For a one week long vacation visiting my grandma up north. That's why I'm actually getting my studies done ahead of time for once.

Otherwise I'm playing Oni like mad, experimenting with different screen recording software and trying to get the sound to sync right in Virtual Dub on the videos I've recorded on Oni. I'm pretty good at the game. When I like a game I end up playing it until there just isn't any playability left in it. Fortunately most of the games I play don't get me addicted, most games actually suck, there are very few games that actually reach what I'd like to call perfection. The genres vary, as do the games, but the feeling that the game is complete is always there in the games I get stuck with, and Oni is one of them.

I watched the last episode of One Piece this morning and man it's depressing. Luffys brother was recently killed, he wakes up, goes wild thrashing the place trying to tell himself that it was just a dream, but eventually he realizes what he has always known, that it wasn't, and breaks down. First time in close to 500 episodes he cries, and yeah, it's depressing. So I suppose that conducts the tone of this posting.

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