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The Other Guys (2010)

The Other Guys (2010)

The Rock & Samuel Jackson team up as a crazy police duo, fly through a two-story bus with their Mustang, blast criminals to smithereens and destroy property for 12 million dollars. They go all out and crazy and still they come back alive. Then one day they jump of a building (oh, spoiler alert btw) while chasing after some bad guys and die. Time for some other pair to pick up the empty space left after these two reckless heroes, a space that is eventually taken by a previously desk-working duo seemingly very unsuitable for the job.

I miss the Rock & Samuel Jackson as the leading characters. They were great the short while it lasted, playing a part much more intense than any of the parts played in the rest of the film, but even without them it is a good movie. Action, sad comedy (jokes you can't laugh at) and a seemingly random plot all build up the movie. It's good, it's ok, it's nothing special.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Exercise Routines For The Mid Year

Time to refine my schedules a bit. Here's the tweak:

  • 30 minutes walk daily, to stay healthy.
  • 30 minutes speed walk every other day, to stay fit.
  • Long distance walk every week, at least 10km, to stay strong.
  • Stretching morning and afternoon, to stay healthy.
  • 10 Situps, 10 Squats, 5 Push-ups daily, to stay fit.
  • Weights three days a week, to stay strong.

Sound good? Does to me.

That's Enough Oni

I didn't think I'd ever tire of this game, but I suppose if you do anything too much, even if it's fun, it will get tiring. Like eating, eat too much, get fat, get tired of eating. Not that I've ever been tired of eating, but I'm trying to make a point here so don't let that bother you!

The fact is that I've played enough Oni to last me the rest of the year, probably. If that isn't the case I'll still stay away from the game for the rest of the year because there's a limit to how much you can play a game before, well, let's just say I should be doing other things than playing Oni all day.

So, during my long time of playing the game I've collected around 30GB worth of video material, and though the playing the game is over I do plan on doing something with all this video. Something like a walkthrough, or a music video; probably both since I have such a ridiculously large amount of leftover material.

Obviously the best moments were left uncaptured though, that's just the way it is. When I'm a millisecond away from getting knocked of a ledge and manage to kick off two bad guys instead I'm not recording, that's just the way it is. Another way it is is that when I do record, especially when I'm trying to play through the game without dying and get it all on video, I tend to be a bit more careful, resulting in the not-so-amazing combos as I usually get while playing, not the same gun-run-have-fun style of play... but enough about that.

Now, time to eat, sleep and get up early tomorrow cause I'm going on a cruise.

3000 Posts

With summer coming up quick I've been working like a maniac to get this site as close to perfection as possible, hoping it will stay that way for a couple of months while I'm gone north. Also, in celebration of this grand event, CyberD now has 3000 posts!

No I haven't been spamming the blog, I added a bunch of loops and reviews and good stuff and there you go - three thousand!!! Amazing or what? HELL YEAH IT IS. Just 6000 more left before I can use a DBZ meme in the celebratory postation...

How Are 2011 Workouts Working Out?

Oh, not so good, not as good as they were at the start of the year. Three months of gym flew by and now I'm spending my time just walking and tanning and thinking about jogging and lifting some weight now and then but not really getting anywhere with my plans anymore. WELL FUCK THAT. The plan now is daily.

- 10 Situps
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Squats
- Walk (30 min x2)

And three days a week...

- Jogging 1km
- Weights

And then some. But not really cause I think I'll be revising this plan momentarily...

I Just Ate A Great


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