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Firefox Addons This Year

With this post in mind, here's a list of addons I use this year. Some of them are the same, some of them aren't, but overall it's probably easy to see that this years list is noticeably shorter than the previous. Why? Some of the plugins on the list of plugins I really needed weren't really needed after all. This I realized after reinstalling Windows, and, after upgrading to Firefox 4 (in which some of the features of the plugins are now pre-built). Anyhow, here's the list...

  • Abduction!
  • Saves a selection or entire page as a PNG. I still need this one!

  • ANT Video Downloader
  • I ran another YouTube Video Downloader (that might be the name) last year, but it didn't always work. Or maybe it wasn't supported by the latest FF version? IDK, but now I run this instead. It's a plugin that allows you to download videos not only from YT but from all kinds of video sites. Pretty useful, though I do realize I rarely use it anyway...

  • Greasemonkey
  • A plugin that lets you add small pieces of JS to different pages that change the way things look, or add new features to existing websites. It's a framework I'm not using very much, but am still keeping cause it seems useful.

  • Mail Notifier
  • Shows a little email icon in the taskbar along with the number of undread messages on a set number of accounts. You just click the icon to get to the accounts with unread mail. Pretty useful!

  • Morning Coffee
  • A plugin that lets you specify a number of links that open up every morning (first time every day) that you open the browser. I still have it installed, but lately I've been starting to use a .BAT file to open all the links I need to open when I need them, IOW not every day. I think I'll remove this now...

  • SkipScreen
  • Get's rid of waiting screens for common file hosts. Useful!

  • United States English Spellchecker
  • Spellcheck. In English. Duh. :P It's new in my list of plugins but I still thing I've had it before, maybe it was included as a plugin earlier? That might be it...

So that's it for the right now. Not much new, but a lot less old. :)


Nah, not really.

The World God Only Knows 6

Another episode in the life of the story about the idol.



SUPER Unproffesional

How can a program that looks so ugly grow so big? Can it really be because of its extensive functionality? Well, probably, but I don't like it. I started using it only because other people recommended it, yet I don't get why they would recommend such an unprofessional program. Not unless there really is no other application out there that does the same things - and does them better.

For those of you who don't know SUPER is a video conversion program. It can handle a ton of different file format and perform countless operations on these files. It would seem like a great program if it wasn't for the interface, which sucks, and the website, which sucks even worse. It looks a few decades behind in design terms, and it's a mirror for the program. Functionally, it works. Graphically, it doesn't.

And I don't mean the graphics are too simple. I have nothing against minimal design, Windows applications that look like they were made for Win 98 or use antique color schemes on hues of brown, blue, white & gray. SUPER does have graphics, but it's a mess, it doesn't look good, in fact out of all programs I've used (and there's a lot of them) I can't recall a single one that looks any worse.

I've tried RipBot & MKVMagic... and a few other alternatives to get the task I need to get done done, but none really did get the task done. Virtual Dub is an alternative, but it does too much, more than I need to have done. Why can't there be a speedy, simple, graphically coherent video converter program out there? I'll keep searching...

The Acer IDentity Card

I've been browsing through installed apps trying to find ones I don't need, uninstall them, and save some space. The first app I came across the Acer Identity Card, which is basically a simple portable program that gives you information about your computer, such as serial number and product model, which is useful if you need to contact customer support, for example. Actually that's the only real usage example I can think of, but maybe it is enough to keep the program... is the conclusion I came to.

The program did mention a few additional things apart from Serial Number, Product Model & Date of Purchase (which you fill in yourself, as for me I don't really remember so I looked them up). First field gives you the part number, and though it's defined quite clearly online it still leaves me curious, is the number referring to a specific component within the computer? Or could it be the computer itself?

A part number is a unique identifier of a part used in a particular industry. Its purpose is to simplify referencing to that part. A part number unambiguously defines a part within a single manufacturer.

A few fields such as FUB & DLR were really mystifying. It turns out FUB stands for "Final Boss of Game" or "Fat Ugly Bastard". Really, don't they have answers for stuff like this online? Now I'm very curious, and it seems like my curiosity won't be relieved anytime soon.

DLR was easier to find , it stands for:

Design (or sometimes Detail) Layout Record.

What else? There's SNID too, Google tells me this is:

In geometry, the snub dodecahedron, or snub icosidodecahedron, is an Archimedean solid, one of thirteen convex isogonal nonprismatic solids constructed by two or more types of regular polygon faces.

Really? I doubt that. I think it stands for Serial Number ID. Sound reasonable? There's a lot of mysteries left unraveled with this program, but at least some things were figured out. If you know more, post a comment.

Gotta Study, Buddy, Chapter IIII

I really gotta study, really got to write. This is something I should do and should have done the other night. But I have been postponing, droning with all my might. It's just a simple story then the course is out of sight. So why do I keep waiting? Waiting all my life? When I could get this over with, and then feel alright. It really doesn't make sense, but hey that's how I fight. If life's not grim then I can swim in fire till I'm ripe.

Really gotta study, buddy!

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