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The Weekend Past

This is a follow-up to this.

This weekend was the time for redoing the doings of the weekend past. We finally had those guests over and I dug up my old PSX & N64 on popular demand. We messed around with Hogs Of War and Golden Eye and Vigilante 8 and kicked some alien ass in Metal Slug X. Lucky I have four GBA for we ended up sitting in separate couches playing a game each at the end.

The fish casserole was not as amazing as it was last weekend, we had cheaper fish, but apart from that the food was even better, appetizers with mozzarella/tomato, Tartex/cucumber & caviar/creme fraiche... ice cream of varied flavors for desert, even sorbet, sugarcoated coconut chips, good drinks, etc. It was nice.

As for Pokemon Sapphire, I'm rising higher in levels though interest is a bit lacking. As soon as I get Swampert up to lv80 I plan on using my ten Rare Candies to get him up to lv90, and that's probably as far as he goes. I know Kyogre learns an amazing move at lv80 so I have to get him there. I know there's a lv70 legendary on top of Sky Pillar. I have a few Pokemon remaining that I can evolve to get Pokedexed. There are plenty of trainers to battle over and over. And I'm hellbent on getting a lv80+ Igglybuff too. Just cause.

Otherwise not much to say, lots of work. Later.

King Of Fighters (2010)

King Of Fighters (2010)

If you like martial arts this is a must see. Tekken, Ong-Bak, Tekken, DOA, Ninja Assassin, Ong-Bak... yeah I know I said a couple of titles twice but there really aren't that many good martial arts movies out there, not recently anyway. Good martial arts movies are few when compared to the other genres, but this is one of them, and if you're a big fan of good action like I am it's a must see.

The filmography and the game soundtrack make it seem a bit more like a video game than a movie (not strange since it's based on one), but that's good, I have nothing against that. The movie manages to maintain pace and variative fighting sequences all the way through, and I especially love the icy introduction. The main character sometimes looks like she has anorexia, and who knows maybe she does, but for the most part the movie is great. There are few flaws, and even if the acting isn't always the greatest, it surely is a movie worth watching. That much is guaranteed.

It's not amazing, but it's not bad either, it's just another movie. One that doesn't stand out yet merits a watch anyway for those entertained by fighting.

I'll give it a...

 rated 3/5: not bad

Advanced Wars 2 - Got Gold

Remember this post? Yeah, I know, how could you forget? Well, I managed to get gold, finally. All the menus, everything, and it was easy but it took a shitload of time. I don't play the game nearly as much as I did earlier but every once in a while it's fun to pick up for a quick battle against the computer. I may not be very strategical, I just go straight-on, bashing the enemy as best I can with as heavy artillery as I can get and never any distance weapons.

While it does seem like a great strategy since I did beat the game with a perfect overall score and have no trouble beating computer-powered enemies when the odds are three against one, it might be not because I have good strategy, but because I've learned the pattern. The computers can only perform in so many ways.

I stay close to port with a bomber to sink their ships to make them lose money quickly, knowing they will produce ships even if they don't have anything to sink my plane. I sometimes capture the HQ without blocking all routes to attack knowing that they won't leave a base with a very injured unit, even when their HQ is at stake. I sometimes lure the enemy in by moving some infantry within their attack lines, because I know they'll attack the infantry without regard to the wall of tanks behind it. It's small details like these that make me wonder if I really play based on strategy, or if I just know how the computer will play good enough to beat it, but in a way that too is strategy.

Anyhow, the point of this post is that I got gold, and that's a mighty amazing achievement. Wooyeah! ;)

Tron: Legacy (2010) 3D

Tron Legacy (2010)

I watched Tron Legacy yesterday, in 3D, and it was pretty amazing.

As it was my first real 3D experience I'll have to review the not-so-special 3D effects along with the movie review. I believe a future of three dimensional holograms without glasses is more wishable. This didn't really satisfy me. Some effects, like whirling smoke, seemed to really hover outside the screen, realistically but at other places they were more like layers on top of the movie. Cool, but not realistic, it was still 2D. The blend between 2D and 3D wasn't perfect, sometimes it was more, sometimes less, it wasn't overall 3D. It was just 3D sometimes, a bit halfassed, not the wholesome experience I was expecting.

Moving on to the movie itself - it was amazing. The soundtrack really backed up the neon atmosphere, the play with lights, the light tension all the way through, and it was only after watching the movie that I came to know the OST was made by Daft Punk. No wonder it was so great then. Not only music and special effects were amazing, but the plot as well. It wasn't complex, but it was good, and everything combined it was a really watchable movie.

Almost makes me want to see the original. ;)

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Inglorious Bastards (2009)

Inglorious Bastards (2009)

I read a bad review about this movie the other day.

The reviewer claimed the movie had unnecessary violence & that he wouldn't watch a Tarantino movie ever again. As for me, sure, it has violence, but the really fascinating part of this movie (and all of Tarantino's movies) is the dialogue. The dialogue in his movies is completely different from the dialogues in any other movies. It's often deep, insightful, entertaining; it's theatrical, it has a hidden stain of twisted humor in it, it's about things we all speak about but still... it's better. (more…)

Wanted (2008)

Wanted (2008)

Oh yeah, it gives you the strength you need. It's movies like this & Fight Club that give me all the adrenaline I could ever wish for. Inception was the greatest movie of the century, but still, it doesn't give the same kick as this one does. Not even close.

The story is a story of an old brotherhood of assassins who supposedly receive their orders from god almighty himself and have been acting based upon his orders since ancient times. They also know some fancy things like how to skew the path of a bullet. In the story we follow a seemingly regular kid that is suddenly told he is the son of a dead assassin and is asked to take over. Of course he does, after some hesitation, because it would be no movie otherwise.

The movie is intense, cynical, packed with action and as heavy as it can get. It has a great soundtrack, great filmography and characters you learn to know and care for. It has all I'm looking for in a movie and a "Get out and do something" moral that makes me want to just run run RUN! High five. Highly recommended.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

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