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Unused Cover Images

Found a bunch of old cover images lying around unused. Probably won't ever be making any albums to fit these covers, but I don't want to throw them away either, so here you go. A vivid graphical spectacle from a few years back! Now, finally, online. :P

Ditto Experimental
Savage 2004
2005 2006

The World God Only Knows 12

Finally the final episode of the season! After freeing the girl from books we're brought back to the home of our main character. In this episode he is both main and minor character, death god and mom the only other momentary figures. Seems like the previous book addiction arch hasn't changed him any, he still lives in a dream world. More now than ever. Will he ever get out of it? Is he trapped in a realm of delusion and happy fantasy endings? Is this a happy ending? Will there be a second season? Yes there will be a second season, but for now, this marks the end of the first one. Not that it's much of an ending, but whatever, here are captions and after that - to be continued.

The Episode Starts


The World God Only Knows 11

Oh man, the book arch never ends! Here we go.

City Light


The World God Only Knows 10

Books. Lots of books.

Flashback Mode


The World God Only Knows 9

Time for the next person of focus! This time it's a young girl buried in books. Well, not literally buried yet, we'll get to that in the next episode. Captions follow.

At The Library


The World God Only Knows 8

In this episode our friendly death god tries baking a cake. It starts with a fifteen eyed pie though, but things quickly escalate to unhandalable proportions before the end of the episode. Images without captions below, as always.

Partially Veiled Beauty Showering


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