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One Piece 13

Time for the battle to start for real. Is it coincidence that Kuro finally appears at the aena in this episode? I think not, it's 13, and that's about as coincidential as pancakes on a Thursday (it's a tradition). Anyhow... both Zoro and Luffy arrive at the scene. Zoro is pissed at Nami. Luffy is pissed at Usopp for not telling him where north was, but it's not like Usopp had any time to tell him, Luffy just ran off on reflex.

They easily beat down the storming pirates. Well that was easy, what now?

Jango's Power


One Piece 12

Kuro Unmasked


One Piece 11

Village Green


One Piece 10

Jango Meets Sheep


One Piece 9

Time for Usopp the great to enter the game! Not one of my favorite characters in the game, but he has some bright sides, and you'll see all of them in this introductory episode.

Sailing Alongside


One Piece 8

This is the part where the rap breaks down, it's really tense no one makes a sound! Luffy & Buggy are breaking things round town and it's going down oh shit watch this NOW NOW! :D

Shanks & Buggy


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