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Earth & Waffles Day & Party

What what what? Last Saturday was Waffles day. I don't know if it's an international event, but here in Sweden it is absolutely a national event, even if it is an unofficial one. Why? Everyone loves waffles. Unfortunately we don't have a waffle iron at home so there was no massive waffle consumption here. I didn't even post a tribute to this grand day on my blog, though I'm making up for that now a couple of days after deadline.

Next up, Earth day. This is a symbolic day on which you are supposed to turn off all lights (and all other electric devices you can spare) to save some electricity and make the world a better place. This takes place not during the whole day but during a single hour, so it's really just an Earth hour, but I suppose thinking about this hour during the entire day makes it a whole day. We did switch off all the lights on the house at this time, and this was on Friday btw. Didn't look like the neighbors did. So much for saving the world.

Also, that same day my buddy Bear was arranging a game party. I was supposed to bring in the Banjoo Kazooie and N64 with four controls, but I had to call in sick... so no Banjoo Kazooie. Racing btw, Banjoo Kazooie Racing.

I went outside yesterday for the first time in five days, four times, to make up for all the time spent indoors maybe. Sun was shining. Today it's snowing, again, summer doesn't seem ready to pop up just yet even though the flakes are melting around at the speed of a flash flood. Else? Nothing, I'll see you later.

Alarm Clock Down

I woke up when my alarm clock fell to the floor. Oops.

Not that I had turned on the alarm or anything, it was off, it was simply sitting too far out on the bedside table due to an overflow of empty teacups behind it so I knocked it over. Could have been worse, could have been a teacup. Could have been even worse than that, it could have been one with tea in it, and even then the situation could have declined drastically if the tea in the cup spilled all over the carpet and jumble of Phantom comics lying there-on.

As it was, only the alarm clock fell down, the battery lid jumped off, the batteries popped out, I woke up, and I went back to a semi-sleep under a blazing morning summer (not really yet, but it felt like it) sun.

An hour later I went up, popped the batteries back in, and synced the alarm clock with my computer clock. It was set at 12:00, January 1, 1997 before sync. So yeah, that's that, now I'm completing some long overdue university assignments (I've been tired, didn't feel like doing anything earlier in the week, not that I'm not tired today, but they have to be done ya know) and bidding on a bunch of GB GBC GBA games, setting my limit at somewhere around 20 KR for the games and 100 KR for the consoles. If I'm unlucky I might even get one of the consoles I'm bidding for, don't know why I bid on something I already have. Collective mania? GBA obsession? Lack of sleep? IDK.

The games are much appreciated though. 20 KR is a bit more than $2. Which is not a lot for a game, especially a good game, and there are plenty of great games out there. The only one I really want that I can't seem to get ahold of (for a good price) is Golden Sun 2. I already have the game, only it's broken, the save function doesn't work... so I can't play out the game before the batteries run out. Which sucks, because it's a great game, but anyway, enough about that, more about the Mango.

Yeah I'm eating Mango, so damn delicious it's incredible. I lost my sense of smell two days back but I can still taste things perfectly fine and this Mango just tastes SO DAMN GREAT! YEAAH! It's a cure for everything. Oki then, speak to you all later when my eyes aren't red and my smell aint dead and I have something in mind that needs to be said.

Caught A Cold

Damn, it wasn't part of the plan. Yet here I stand, grand, my back on sand, snot on my hand. I demand, it go over, so I can grow old and sober without feeling disposal is closer, yo sir, that's just the way I am.

So that's the latest disaster. :P Seems a bit minor compared to the rising radiation levels in Japan though, lmao, hope they get that mess sorted out soon. Good night.

One Piece 61

Their trip finally takes them to the Grand Line, the great impassable divider shielding the greatest sea in the world from all surrounding waters... but before that, time to end this Dragon arc. Luffy & Co are by Gunkan island, watching the dragons appear after being away for a thousand years.

Eric Is Back!


One Piece 60

Ryuuji is dying; dragons appear in the bright blue sky!



One Piece 59

Going Merry A Head


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