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Free Weekend

Oh yeah!! Been a while since I had a real vacation. :)

Star Day 2011

Happy Star Day!

Happy Birthday Star Syndicate, and congratulations on surviving a 7th year!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter 2011

Have a good one! I am. :)

Yeah Yeah Yeah 2

The recording went great today!

Unfortunately for you I won't be able to post the final result online, copyright issues... you know. Any music I make myself I'd release on site in a minute, but with my sister singing the chorus and the beat produced by another part publication will have to wait or be postponed indefinitely. But hey, that's enough negative news for one day, the recording went great despite it being my first time in studio. It just took three tries to record the whole track, a few ad-libs added, and that was that, that's a rap. :)

I tried playing around with a drum set and took a long walk through sunny streets by the animal yard (Djurgården) which really has nothing to do with animals, excluding a plentiful birds craving for any piece of bread I might be carrying. They're really tame. It's the only large remaining piece of nature in central Stockholm with a few winding walkways through it, blue water that looks murky up close and giant trees that have been there longer than any of the above. Yes, even the water, it's a handmade canal built only a few hundred years ago. Sweden is still pretty new. And pretty now... that it's summer. ;)

So what else? I put out some ads for the mound of items so let's see if they start selling. Bought Pokemon Silver & Gold, Gold so I can trade between my other Gold game. Silver so I can play Silver, because I've never played Silver, but I know that the berries at least have much funkier names than they do in the Gold version. Also, gold sells for around 127KR/gram. A kilo of that and I'd be a rich man! :D

The weather here has been insanely sunny and I'm amazed people in city actually manage to get by in suits when the rays keep burning. Even with a white T-shirt (unsun absorbent) and shorts it's sweaty like a sprinkler. I ate a great leek omelet, batch of pancakes, fish casserole with curry-fried shrimps & salad, and that's that. It's been a great day, it still is. See ya! :P

Yeah Yeah Yeah

I'm just posting to let you all know that life is great and my external drive crashed and I've been trying to recover all the data and now the data is mostly recovered but some of it seems to be corrupt but that doesn't matter at all because I'll be in studio tomorrow recording a track I wrote. Woo.

I was at a sushi buffet yesterday and ate three portions, the place was called Yum Yum, a very suitable name. Great fried fish, shrimp chips, noodle salad, spring rolls, wasabi sauce that really burns your nostrils and obviously many variants of sushi.

I recently received a big mound of old toys I'll be trying to sell this weekend. I'm in the process of ordering a little Chinese gadget that lets you dump GBC cartridges; I'm buying it to dump my save files in case the games eventually break, which they will eventually... especially Pokemon games. I mean, I especially want to backup my Pokemon games, most GB games don't even have save files... Pokemon games do...

I'm also bidding on a bunch of Pokemon games since I've suddenly become obsessed with Pokemon games for the GB series... along with any GB games in general. I even bought an old GB Pocket just because I didn't have one before. Now I have the whole series except for GBA Micro & the 'Play It Loud' series of the original. Oh, and there's a special GBA SA version as well with a back-light instead of the regular front-light... or maybe it's the front-light that is special while the back-light is completely normal. I don't even know which one I have...

The GB Pocket has a nice contrast feature I haven't seen on any of the other models, and it uses two AAA batteries instead of AA as all the other models do, and my GBC battery time with new rechargeable batteries is so far over 20 hours... which is great time compared to the new very energy inefficient models of the NDS series. I need to get Metal Slug, Mario Kart & GameBoy Wars too, but they all sell for extremely high prices or not at all. So do Pokemon games. Even second hand. I'm not surprised though. They're good. Very addictive.

And the sun is shining since I got back, more now than ever, with a radiant warmth I've never experienced before. Well, at least not in half a year, but more about the sun and other fun later on. It's now 21:12 and I'm off to watch a few episodes of Bleach, print out my lyrics, shower, read a chapter & go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a great day.

Renewal 2011

Done. It took a phone call though. They phoned me half across the world to remind me the invoice was due. I didn't even get an email. Strange.

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