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The Weekend Jumped

Went on a cruise last Saturday, as I think I mentioned, and it was amazing. Since then I've been busy on the site (not that you've noticed any changes, I'm going through the archives) and sorting stuff before the departure to our summer place. Well, not mine, I'm flying up on June 7, my parents left earlier, today, by car. We celebrated Mothers Day yesterday (though it really is tomorrow) with homemade cake, poem & various eatable goodies and spent this morning packing.

I now have the house to myself (rare occasion) for a whole week, woo! Wish I had time to savor this spectacular event but there's a bunch of things that get in the way, stuff I gotta do before summer arrives and I take my yearly leave to the lush green wilderness of Northern Sweden. Going to a motor show tomorrow though, so that'll be fun. :)

I'll keep you posted.

It's Not Epic

Cause everything can't be Epic.

Lately there's too much Epic, everywhere I look. All Epic flash games I've played look like they're made by 5 year olds, all Epic movies on YouTube look much worse than the regular movie & every time someone twitters about something Epic you can be sure it's a very normal event they just wish to blow out of proportion. I've stopped taking the world seriously, err... the word seriously, I mean.

That is all.

Gotta Study, Buddy, Chapter V

Oh wait, no I don't! HAHA! Vacation! Boo-yah! :D

WordPressing Troublings

I'd like to tag a bunch of posts with a specific tag, then have various sections within those posts highlighted (words only) when viewed on that specific tag page and not when the post is viewed as is or in the category listings, etc. Could this be done?

I have lots of pieces of poetry scattered around in different posts, and I'd like them to be browsable separately in one way or another, without really separating them from the posts. Maybe sections of posts can be embedded within some tag that then fetches these sections to a separate page?

I'm getting things sorted out. Lately I've been experiencing way too many 500 Internal Server Errors here at CDB, I don't know if it's something that bothers users too or if it's just a problem on the administrative end of the site. Regardless, it needed to be fixed. Refreshing a page after an error doesn't make things better, but after around half an hour I can refresh the page and see it again, so with this error popping up every now and then I've been browsing through all posts and prolonging the post titles. Say WTH?

One word. Duplicate titles. Ok, that's two words, I'm not a multibum, but you catch the point. Right? Duplicate titles aren't allowed on a WP installation, and even though they work when in different sections conflicts do arise with the script and thus also errors. Example, I had a post titled Audazitty at, and a page with the same title at Not good. Both post and page can be visited and you probably won't notice anything, but underneath the surface there's an internal struggle going on. WP is thinking, should I display this post? Or that page? And sometimes it just gives up and gives us a 500 instead.

Actually I don't know if that's how it works, but I read somewhere about conflicting slugs, so I got rid of them.

Also, I won't be posting any short titles in the future. I stopped with that a long time ago anyway but sometimes I forget, and still do it, and then later on problems occur when I wish to post a page with a short name for URL simplicity, or a tag, or something. So anyway, that's what's going on under the good. I'm about to dive back down and get things done. Later.

Another 5 Posts In 1

Yeah, here's another batch straight from the drafts.

Golden Sun 2 Played Quickly

I managed to get a not very well working copy of this game (the save function doesn't work), so I tried playing through it in a night, but the batteries ran out long before I did. At times like this I wish I had a GBA adapter, so I could just keep it plugged in and keep playing... and while I'm at it a UPS or a backup generator just in case there's a power failure.

It's a great game. There's so much character dialog it's amazing, and if you want more you can read their minds too. You can speak with people you've fought, regular villagers, anybody, and with the 'yes' & 'no' choices (that don't change the story much, if at all) you can get even more out of some conversations. Apart from speaking there's a lot of looking to be done too, you can check boxes and crates and pottery for coins and herbs n stuff, or just read the description on what you're looking at, and of course there's a lot of fighting and walking and buying and upgrading to be done too.

The movement is so swift, the graphics so neat and effectual with great attention to the details. There are statues, there's varied nature, lots of puzzles, great fighting sequences, plenty of random and staged foes in a varying plot-line and a great accomplishment system. You get coins and power-ups and new things all the time, yet it's never too much. It's addicting, and I'd probably play this game a lot if it did have that save function. Good thing it doesn't I suppose. :P

Planning A Full Reinstall

I've been planning to re-install my OS for a while now. The prime reason for this is that I have two folders that I can't delete. I've tried everything, safe-mode, fiddling with file properties (explorer crashes when I try to do that), Unlocker, KillBox, FileSHREDDER, a ton of other alternatives - nothing works. Will a system wipe and re-install work? I certainly hope so, but that makes me wonder, if the files really can be overwritten, there should be a way of doing so without having to wipe the whole drive and start from scratch. Shouldn't there? I read a guide with a myriad of different alternatives, but I didn't work my way through all of them.

Well, even if there is an easier solution, I feel like a fresh start can be useful. I have a bunch of programs I rarely use, a bunch of programs I never use, a bunch of portable programs lying around who-knows'where, a bunch of files remaining from programs I have uninstalled, a bunch of programs and plugins and addons and modules and other things that are no longer of the latest version and that do not update automatically, and a bunch of temporary and no longer used files and... yeah, you get the point.

It's time for a fresh install.

So, before I'm starting this re-install I decided to make a bigger mess out of things; sort through my files. Not the ones on the computer, but the ones on the external drives, so when the time for a fresh start arrives everything will truly be fresh. Get rid of the useless, old, in with the new, woah, yeah. So...

Shower Before Bed

I always used too, then I realized, it makes you less tired. Not good. So I started showering mornings instead, and wow, it's a whole new world out there!

Dangerous Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a dangerous thing. I've never been very tidy so it was easy for me to be lured in, trapped, caged by the desire to make things perfect. I use it an excuse to waste time when bigger things loom ahead.

11 MB

Man this is slow, I'm moving a file from one HD to another and the speed is just insanely low. Possible reasons?

  • A virus
  • Problem with the drive
  • Malfunctioning program
  • Rogue system resource

You can never be sure with that first option, new viruses aren't found until they're old, but I doubt it, I don't see any suspicious programs. Rogue system resource? Nope, that's easy to check. Program malfunctioning? Well if it's not explorer then I can't see what it is. Problem with the drive? I hate when that happens...

Not really moving at 11MB at all, if it takes more than five minutes, it can't be that much for a 700MB file (in case you're wondering, it's an archive of collected WP themes).

Farewell Märta

Märta died a few days ago. The funeral will be held on June 10. If I had a car I'd drive up, but I don't. The rest of the family will be at the summer place by then and taking the train/renting a car on my own is too big a cost and bother. Taking a train and renting a car is the only alternative since there is no airport nearby, so, hmm, thinkable but not doable.

I wish I could have made it though. A funeral is symbolic, it's a final farewell; a matter of respect. It's not the living individual you are there to greet anymore, it's a time to treasure memories and let go. Since I won't be there it feels like I'm being ungrateful to the person that passed away. I'm not. I didn't know you much, but you will be missed. The times we did visit you always gave a warm welcome, you appreciated life, you were caring and considerate; a great person.

RIP. Märta.

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