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Posting On A Rainy Day

It's raining. Finally! I'm in Överkalix for the day. The greenhouse has been constructed. We have enough water to last another two-week drought. No time for more speak, later.

So, I'm North

I'm up and enjoying life to the fullest!

I arrived in the middle of a heat wave. It hasn't rained for over a week and as most the thermometer showed 34C... in the shade. So yeah, even warmer than Stockholm, and this is the North of the North, so this is a really surrealy rare de-reoccurring occurrence, it's never been this warm in June before, ever... not that I know.

So what have I been up to? Planting potatoes... digging... hanging out with Andreas... swimming, a lot, fishing, etcetc. Nothing much worthy of mention but definitely a lot of many things. Today I'm at Kalix, and it turns out it's the 'culture day' of the year here today, so things are going. Have a good week and beyond! Later.

Summer Again!

It's summer, so I'm packing today and leaving tomorrow afternoon.

I hoped to have the site sorted out before I left, but as you might find out if you browse around I didn't really make it. I did fix the search feature, the gallery page that lists all images included in posts (though the styling does need some adjusting), give my other site a quick one-page redesign and go through almost all posts (at least two thousand) fixing typos and bad links and fixing old images (compressing/relocating/resizing/renaming). Made a complete backup too for the first time in... way too long.

Time to forget all that though and embark on the adventures this year will bring me in the Northern Norths of the North. Hope you have a great vacation! :) I'll keep you posted as usual much thanks to the benevolence of free public library computers. Later.

Ratings - Another Quick Study

Quick follow-up on this old post.

Total Users Voted: 4,578
Total Score: 22,789
Total Average: 4.98
Highest Rated: Freezing

That's an increase by 300% in users, and 2000% in score! Average is a bit higher too, good progress in less than two years. :)

FileFactory Not So Great, Use MediaFire

I know I posted great praise about this place earlier, but I just want to let the world know that I don't praise them gravely any longer. FileFactory is not the saint of sites it seems to be, it's worse than the norm, in need of reform, and free, finally, of me. Well, actually I didn't stay with them for more than a month. Came back after a vacation and noticed all my files had been deleted.

The expiry time had not run out (the time a file is hosted without gettng downloads before being deleted automatically). The files were also completely legal, movies of the public domain, old black and white classics anyone is free to distribute. I read the TOS, the files didn't go against them, so what they did is unjust and therefore... I don't like them. MediaFire however remains a favorite.

Wishlist 2011

Not a wishlist for Christmas this time... it's for my birthday. I wrote it down by hand and I'm now trying to recall what I wrote (I no longer have the handwritten list) to post it online... after stumbling upon a wishlist I wrote back in 2009 and realizing that... well, maybe someone feels like giving me something of the below. ;)

Top Five

01. Computer (ca 3000KR)

I need a new one. Actually, I don't have one, I'm still using the family computer. Current specs are 512MB RAM, 3 Ghz, 160GB HD, which isn't quite enough for stuff like Adobe's latest program suite or GTA 4. 2GB RAM, 500GB HD and dual processors of equal caliber would be a great investment.

02. Wacom (link) (ca 500KR)

Lines never become smooth enough while drawing with the regular mouse. Wacom isn't the only brand, but apparently it is the sole supreme tablet currently in existence. Any other brand that does its price justice would be just as good though.

03. Car (ca 5800KR)

Preferably a cheap & used model, veteran would be nice, with room for modification and lots of equipment.

04. Fire-resistant Box (ca ?KR)

Big box, in metal, a good place to store all my notebooks and stuff.

05. Bokken (ca ?KR)

Japanese training sword, or similar, in wood or metal.

Other Appreciated Items

Chocolate Fountain (link) - 500KR
Cykelgator GT (link) - 99KR
LED Duschhandtag (link) - 100KR
Dinosaur Plant (link) - 90KR
RC Anka (link) - 250KR
Bulletproof Vest - ?KR
Fresh prawns with soursweet sause and baguette - ?KR

If you don't feel like getting me multiple items just the car is fine. ;)

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