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OMG! The Heat!!

It's hellish.

I took a walk and I barely made it back.. I had to prepare myself for the promenade with three glasses refrigerated water but it didn't too much good, it probably evaporated during the first ten meters of the walk.

I was lying on the stone floor downstairs trying to cool down at nine this morning, but then the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and the warm air funneled in through the open windows like sand in a glass jar.

So I filled the bathtub with cold water and poured in all the ice cubes I had in the freezer. Had to get out when the water started boiling though.

The plants are all withering even though I water them daily and shield them from the sun, especially in the garden when only the walls of the house shield the fragile greenery temporarily during daily hours.

Nah, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little... it's not that bad...

A Pointless Webhallen Visit

Webhallen was selling 1TB drives for 99 SEK a piece, insanely cheap, but the limited amount ran out early morning and when I arrived mid-day with a buddy everything was gone. Shame. I have however ordered and received a couple of 2TB drives (at cheap but not insanely cheap price) recently and I'm working on getting working backups before I leave for summer, because lately waaay too many of my drives have been crashing or malfunctioning for me to feel save storing all my valuable data on drives without backups. K?

Roasting At Seven

The 'office' is not a nice place in the the summer, when there's sun, when it's afternoon... and it gets worse. At around seven today I was shedding clothes, showering my head every fifteen minutes and trying to type with sweaty palms and thoughts flowing thickly as if they were stuck in serene rush hour. Thermometer showed 29C, in the shade of the room... and I don't know about you but that's too much for me.

All the windows on the upper floor are open and now that the dark has settled it's growing continuously cooler in this previously infernal working environment. I should get up earlier so I can get things done before the tormenting sun reaches this side of the house, but as it turns out I stay up later instead working on the things I didn't have the strength to speed through with waves of heat blazing through the thick green curtain.

Time to stop typing and start smiting workload waiting patiently at least trying all night sighing in the dawn bright yawns long gone... alright. Better get back to business. :P

My New List Of 99 Things To Do

  1. Do everything else before making a pointless to-do list with 99 things in it.

It Is Now June

Wow, time flies, and it flies really fast too, like a space shuttle. Though maybe not in space, because in proportion to distance the speed is minimal; everything is relevant. Movin on...

A couple of days back I went to the movies and watched Fast & Furious 5.

I had high expectations but maybe also some doubts since the previous movie in the series wasn't a big hit in my eyes, it featured an unnecessary death and a plot and filmography that suddenly moved away from real driving and a well-paced atmosphere to way too much speed, stress and a commercially sellable storyline, throwing in a character from the third movie, as it seemed, to kill the spin-off, make the third movie seem like it really was part of the series when it was probably the start of something new. The third movie was great.

No doubt people wanted Dom & Brian back though... and maybe Letty too, because in the fifth movie her death is revealed to have been slightly over-exaggerated and I wonder if they really planned that initially. That's at the very end though, right after the rolling credits, and though I dislike the trend of adding hints at the next movie within a movie (movies are supposed to standalone, they shouldn't be a series) it was a satisfactory clue this time.

The fifth movie (this one) kept the speed but managed to avoid the noticeably commercial script and moved back in style to that of the first two movies, or more like the first one. It was intense, well-filmed, with great driving scenes (not just special effects), a good plot and a whole lot of destruction. It also ended well for all characters (oh, spoiler btw, lmao) and despite the obvious pastiche on Oceans 11 it turned out great, better than I expected it actually, and my doubts were cleared out entirely... though I still hate that sequel hinting thing.

Anyhow, I didn't start this post to write a review about the movie, I already did that; as soon as I manage to get a suitable header it'll be up on the site (which should be shortly, IOW today). What I really meant to post about was... well, yeah I don't know. I played through Max Payne on regular and hard-boiled mode and I'm about to post the savefiles for whomever wants them (that later today too). I'm working on sites like crazy and staying up way too late missing the sunshine, but I think I'm about to get some of that right now, and lunch, so later.

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