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In Ö

Yo citizens of the world wide web! For the day I'm in Överkalix, sitting all but idly by a public computer with varied tasks at hand watching the clock count down the hour until I'll be cast out from this haven of internetal connectivity. Slow internetal connectivity, but internal connectivity never the less.

At our summerplace the water in the lake is turning icy, when I cook the food is superbly spicy, if I look outside then I might see a scene nice and delighting looking back at me mildly surprising. I sit inside a bit many plans devising. And then I'm outside slaving like I am nineteen. But time flies and I spend much time sleeping. A week has passed and in the past this weekend remains not even in mind so fast it flew and then I left it behind.

The weather has been warm and cold but never stormy, I spend every night in the sauna a very sore me, after hours of working in the fields and never yielding but the fields need me now cause in three weeks I'm leaving. It's less than a month now, it's only three weeks, I feel bleak, when I think that in a while I will flee sleep. Voyage all night until I'm back (in Stockholm), but this is my home and that's the fact. That other house is only a replacement, this is a house and that is the basement, and for another winter I leave the house vacant and creep down under earth until the sun wakes me. I do this yearly, it's only temporary, in Stockholm life is clammy, up here it's nice and airy. So time is running out but I will do the best, to spend my time awake and let the future lend me rest.

End of rhyme, end of post. Have a good day peoples!

Typing From Kalix

I'm here for the day so here's a post that I may post so you all know I'm ok and a big toast to the great vacation remaining containing no rain in a week no complaints just sun and great fun hurray. Later. :P

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