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No Time For Sites

Or should I say no time for life?

I'm used to vice versa, but really, I think back at how I used to run 15 sites simultaneously and I'm wondering how in the world I managed to do something like that. Or was I just spending less time on all sites combined than I spend on this one one now? I barely have time to post on the blog here. I'm dazed, I'm amazed, I'm gastedflabber the other way around. Are the days getting shorter or what?

So anyhoo, my parents are returning from their longterm vacation this week and I'm in the process of getting the house nice and tidy. I've already gone through the shed and the attic and remastered everything so it's nice and organized like it should have been from the start. Now, all that's left is all that I really need to be cleaning, the house itself. Feels great to have the shed tidied up though. Ask why? Because now there's finally room enough for both me and my punching bag, without having to take out the bicycles first. And instead of just standing in the doorway jabbing wildly I can enter the room, the very sacred center of this our very small storage facility without being hindered by piles of boxes and other rubble left from whatever leftovers have been left over. I haven't thrown anything away, just stashed everything effectively on the surrounding shelves. It's like a puzzle, and most of the pieces are just empty boxes that can be stored inside each other and lightly piled high. It's amazing how much more space there is now that I'm finally finished (took about a week). Really. Almost as amazing as my managing 15 sites simultaneously was in the past.

Yeah, that concludes this week not at all, but that's all I'm going to post tonight on my site alright? See you later.

Not Another Movie Not Another Movie

Seems I haven't posted any updates here in a while, so...

Simon Pegg, you know, the creator of such masterpieces as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz? You must know, or at least have seen him in at least one of the many other movies he's played minor roles in. The third movie in the series of not really relevantly related movies as all he has thus far directed is called Paul, a story about an alien. It's a bit of a parody on ET and just as good as the previous subliminal parodies he's been making. Subliminal? Well, he just plays around with the elements, the movies don't mimic the originals at all. The movie themes are basically the same, and the movie names clearly define the movie genre, but the scripts are completely different. All the dialog, all the filmography, everything but the very basic genre of the movie is new.

So anyway, I watched this one a couple of days back. It's maybe not as intense (except for that one huge explosion) but nevertheless just as good. It's a good movie. It has anything a movie needs to have, without all the sex scenes all big Hollywood movies usually add somewhere to sell more, the unnecessarily brutal violence all American action movies must contain to reach out to certain audiences that believe action can't be good without many spilled buckets of fake blood, the unnecessarily flashy special effects that don't last through the generations due to their unnecessary flashiness or the one Asian guy and the one black guy that always seem to be part of the team to make sure all racial parties have some character in the movie they can relate with. Unlike all big movies that become big movies only because they were created solely for the purpose of generating big income this is actually a good movie without any of that unnecessary filler needed to turn good movies bad. Of course there's still comedy, action, drama, romance and a little adventure, but there's also a well-bred plot and actors who need be nothing more than that. I'm not saying the movies that have all of the above are bad movies, it's just that seeing a movie that differs from the surrounding flow is like a walk in the park, a whiff of fresh air, a swim in clear water. All that.

In other news? Not another not another movie. Not another not another movie was decent, but not necessarily watchable more than once. It looks like Burt Reynolds hasn't aged in thirty years but even though he is the star of the movie he's not that main character. The main characters are just a bunch of people talking and often being funny while they're at it. Entertainment as it is, distorted into the form of fictional documentary. I also watched Setup, a movie featuring a heist gone wrong in which 50 Cent (that guy who got shot 8 times IRL) plays the lead character. At times he can't act, but at times he really seems to get into the spirit of things, or maybe he's just himself all the way through. I don't know, but it was a watchable movie and I hope I'll be seeing him in more movies future come. And where's Eminem? Can't he act? His music videos are entertaining, would be cool with him starring in a few comedies... or action movies... or both combined. Interesting...

I've been playing Oni again. Oh yeah. I think I said something about how I was going to not play the game anymore, that it had served its purpose, that I had played it for the final time and that it would be all it and finito, but uhuh, that's not the case, I'm running around on Rooftops wrestling ninjas and various masked bad guys, battling the masterninja boss and trying to make it look like walking on thin ledges and cartwheeling over thin air is a piece of cake, jumping over open space whenever I get the chance too, recording everything in hopes that I will (before the year is over) have the time (or maybe I should say the discipline) to make something of the footage. The best stunts I've done were obviously done at a time when I wasn't recording, being conscious that everything is being recorded kind of takes away the spontaneity in the gaming. Oni is one of those games in which every character becomes a part of the game, every foe or friend along the game, they're not just bystanders. Or maybe that's just a sign that I've played this game far too much already? Haha.

I've been thinking of making a complete walkthrough, I've been thinking of a speedrun, I've been thinking of a full movie where just the important sequences and the animations are included... and obviously I've been thinking music videos or just clean stunt footage... of which I have a lot of. Really. A lot. I wonder if there are any fans out there hardcore enough to watch through a 4 hour video of unique stunts if I chose to put them all together in one big hump of action? Probably not. Much less a series of 4 hour stunt episodes. :)

Other movies? Just much too many not worth a mention. I watched J├Ągarna 2 at the cinema a couple of weeks ago, good movie, typical to Swedish action films is that it contains little action and much emotion. Despair, shame, trust, betrayal, all kinds of deep dark secrets constantly being revealed and people screaming their hearts out in a serenade of rage. American movies never get as dark as Swedish ones do, even the thrillers are often much lighter, maybe people want to see things from a brighter side on screen, not depict life as it really is? Maybe life is perceived differently, or maybe it's just because I'm looking at movies through eyes of a different culture? Maybe.

So... school? Work? Life. Yeah I have a little of all three of those going on, though not so much because I find that I am too busy doing other stuff to really have time for much of that. I rarely have time to sleep nowadays. Nights I am awake. Days I am awake. Or am I really? It's a daze, but anyways, time to race... on to the next big thing.

My Will Is Strong

My will is strong, so I do what I want. Right now I want to...

  • Play through GTA SA one more time.
  • Browse the net for Hong Kong action movies I haven't seen.
  • Beat the original Resident Evil once and for all.
  • Throw together a batch of sandwiches.
  • Get one more cup of tea.
  • Box a little.
  • Take a long walk.
  • Eat lunch.
  • Sort all my files.
  • Do some schoolwork.
  • Finish going through all posts from 2010.
  • Add header images in the music section.
  • Take a break.
  • Get a job.

So that's the problem. My will is so strong I do what I want, yet I can't do what I want if I don't not do all the things I want. So, can I go against my will and not do things I want or will I do as I will doing all the things I want even though I still won't have the will? Gah...

I'm On Formspring

I'm On Formspring

Here's a new site I just recently stumbled upon and signed up to, and I was hooked from the first question I answered! So come on peoples, give me more, click that link you just passed and get to asking me (if you're signed up of course, if you aren't, do so first) questions about anything in the world.

No Poem

I felt like writing a poem
Now I don't really feel like it

The Death Of Dattebayo


It's official since way back, Dattebayo is gone.

Their site was down before summer and it's still down, and it won't ever be up again. No last message, nothing, so what happened? No answer. Intense searches all over cyberspace give no answer, they just backed out. Speculations are countless, but the probable is that they just stopped. They didn't feel like subbing anymore. Both Bleach and Naruto were dropped a while back and I can't say I've been visiting the site for their other newer projects, but it's still a shame seeing one of the first fansubbing groups disappear.

Not to mention the one group who managed to always release subs for new episodes within one or two days after their release date. They quicksubbed hundreds of episodes with staggering speed until Naruto got licensed and Bleach started getting streamed all over the Internet. New groups took their place quickly but I'll remember the days. RIP.

UPD: If you're looking for the site check the Wayback Machine. Still there.

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