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No Poem

I felt like writing a poem
Now I don't really feel like it

The Death Of Dattebayo


It's official since way back, Dattebayo is gone.

Their site was down before summer and it's still down, and it won't ever be up again. No last message, nothing, so what happened? No answer. Intense searches all over cyberspace give no answer, they just backed out. Speculations are countless, but the probable is that they just stopped. They didn't feel like subbing anymore. Both Bleach and Naruto were dropped a while back and I can't say I've been visiting the site for their other newer projects, but it's still a shame seeing one of the first fansubbing groups disappear.

Not to mention the one group who managed to always release subs for new episodes within one or two days after their release date. They quicksubbed hundreds of episodes with staggering speed until Naruto got licensed and Bleach started getting streamed all over the Internet. New groups took their place quickly but I'll remember the days. RIP.

UPD: If you're looking for the site check the Wayback Machine. Still there.

10,000 MBIT

Nah, just kidding... but wouldn't that be friggin amazing?
Surfing at the speed of light...

Thought So Random

A guy died at the subway station here not so long ago, or not. He was hit by a train and taken to the hospital but I don't know the rest of the story. So it has no end. Moving on...

Are small fish bones harmful? It's a thought that's been in my mind now and then since I ate a few by mistake. I imagine them tearing through thin intestinal tissue like razor blades but eh, hmmm, if birds can eat fish bones why shouldn't humans be able to? They probably get digested fine. Quick Google later, yupp, they get digested fine, mostly. Some people have to get operated.

I guess I better duck. Get it?

I'm Back

Fortytwo minutes to midnight, sitting by the computer eating a peanut butter sandwich, two mums-mums and a bag of sugar-snaps - I'm home. Refrigerator on? Check. All windows wide open to vent out three months worth of old musty air? Check. A wide array of firewalls and various programs fighting over bandwidth to update? That too. So now that this post is done I guess it's time to catch some sleep and wake up early tomorrow to fetch the fish. Oh my, two bags of frozen perch to fry! And it's still summer here, even this late the breeze is all but chilly. See you tomorrow.

About The Weekend

I went on a cruise Saturday.

Ate a great buffet for breakfast and spent the rest of the day playing Yatzy, card games, soaking in the sun & wandering around the ship. The trip took the whole day, left at 5:30, came back around 21 with a red nose. Sunburn, again.

On Sunday I stayed at home.

The rest of the week? I've been working on the site. Well, at first I was more like playing games and stuff, but then, after that, I've actually started getting stuff done. YEAAAAH!

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