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Back From Östersund

Short vacation it was, but it's been a blast! Watched Harry Potter 3 yesterday night, so tonight I think I'll be watching the sequel. I haven't seen 1 or 2. I haven't read any of the books. I have a Harry Potter game for the GBA that I haven't completed a single level in. It's time.

All of the interweb shops are luring in customers with insane prices. Worms 2 + Armageddon is selling for 49KR just today at CDON (that's about 7 dollars). GOG is selling out over 250 games at half price or less, among them old classics such as Blood, Duke Nukem, Mega Race & Fallout. Those are probably not the most classic games in the list though, they're just classics for me. Komplett recently had a one-day insanely low priced sale... and I bought a camera. A lot of shops are providing free shipping just for the holiday. In times of economical crisis it seems the shops do anything to keep consumption level. Is it this way in the whole world, or just in Sweden?

Anyway, back in Östersund.

I've been sledding down snowy hills, walking around at the core of the wintery town square with banners and banderoles and lights all painted gold, framed by lush green forestry, bright stars illuminating the night sky. I helped my brother fix some crucial component of his cars handbrake (more like stood and watched), helped mount a roof box, played around with Rasmus (nephew), spun a coin, drew stuff, ate good food and watched Harry Potter 3. I also woke up feeling nauseous every single morning, didn't feel well at all on the train ride to and from Östersund, and the day we were invited to an old acquaintance for a huuuge appetizing meal, I just had zero appetite. Those latter parts were no fun at all, and I'm wondering if there's some serious flaw in my digestive system at the moment (because I unusually, or more like never, wake up feeling sick in the morning). BUT, otherwise, it's been a blast!

Looking forward to next years visit. :)

Off To Östersund

So, I'm leaving for the weekend to visit big brother. First by train to Sundsvall, then by bus. It would've been train all the way but the latter trip was suddenly replaced by a bus ride. Economical compensation abilities arise!

The prequelling train ride recently mentioned will take place in a X-200o train. Though it's not anything like the insanely speedy trains in say Japan, it's the fastest train you'll find here in Sweden. I've never ridden one before so I look forward to this. Like a roller-coaster right? ;)

See you in a few days.

The World God Only Knows (2010)

The World God Only Knows

It's been a while since I watched through an anime series. For the past two years I've pretty much only been following the three big animes that still haven't ended that I once started watching, of which I'm catching up on the three latest episodes of every Monday: One Piece, Bleach & Naruto Shippuuden, in order of interest. I decided to try a new anime now that I have so much else to do and I didn't do much thinking, I just settled for the first anime I stumbled upon, which turned out to be 'The Word God Only Knows', and it turned out to be good.


So Today Is Sunday

I was invited to a Christmas party yesterday, and it was a blast. Good food, people, everything. There was a small Christmas present exchange and I got a small candle holder made of stone in the form of a flat hedgehog. Probably the best present of them all! :) What I traded it for? A small candle embedded in glass with a few small ladybugs (unreal... I mean not real) on/in it, accompanied by a decorative matchbox.

So today is Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. On Thursday I'm going to Östersund.

Also, today is the third Advent. So we lit a candle.

I don't know if Advent Calenders are popular elsewhere in the world, but here in Sweden they are everywhere. They're on the radio, on TV, decorating walls and shop shelves and since the millennium they're even online. I have one in my room that produces a creatively shaped piece of chocolate every day (bought one for my parents as well), one in the hall with a creatively shaped rhyme every day, and I visit a few every morning online in hope that I'll win something. Last year I spent some time writing motivations (tell us why you should get this product), but this year I'm being efficient and only participating in the ones that don't take any time. Just answer a question, if answer is not obvious then guess spontaneously, let browser fill in form fields for me and click submit. Piece of cake.

Coop (Swedish version of Wallmart) is handing out 300 packages of coffee each day via FaceBook. First come first serve. They start the handouts at 10:00 and it ends quickly. I managed to grab a package this morning at 10:01, and over 200 had already been taken before me. Tried yesterday too, but I was too late, 10:05. Did you know Swedish people drink more coffee than another nationalities in the world? It's a fact.

Yeah, so, that's all I have to say for today. Enjoy your coffee and have a nice third Advent!

External Drive On Subwoofer

For the past few days I've had an external drive resting comfortably on top of my subwoofer. It's an ideal location. Since the subwoofer is rather high and nearby, it's easy to see and monitor. Since the subwoofer seems cooler than the floor (and is wood as opposed to plastic) it should lower the temperature a bit as well. I haven't been playing a lot of music, but when I was blasting a track on high volume today I realized that maybe the location has some side-effects as well. Vibrations aren't good for any hard drives, though they seem pretty robust the mechanism that reads the disc is pretty fragile. Insanely tough compared to old hard drives (they'd probably have broken already after being placed on the sub) but fragile nevertheless. So I did some research.

1) The subwoofer is not a good location for the drive, partially because of vibrations but also because of the strong magnetism within such a device. Especially older subwoofers have very high magnetism. Older hard drives have much less resistance against both vibration and magnetism, new ones can probably handle the vibrations, as long as you don't max the volume/effect on a strong sub, but not the magnetism.

2) Sound itself has a harmful effect on hard drives. Regular conversations and music on a normal level probably won't do any (noticeable) damage, but you shouldn't constantly scream too near the drive. It reduces performance. This and the above is applicable on long-term usage.

3) Subwoofers for computers are built with a case that's supposed to shield other devices (like hard drives) from magnetism. As long as you leave a little space between the subwoofer and for example your computer, everything should be OK.

4) Hard drives without a case, such as those you put in a docking station to reach files on, should really have a case.

Also, I should probably get some antistat bags to store old drives in. Did you learn something? Hope you did, I know I did. In the future I think any external drives will be better off on the floor. :)

It's Now 7:53

I woke up earlier than usual today, the rain beating hard against my windowpane, almost like hail.

Outside my room the darkness was complete, compact like black cloth, not even a shimmer of light in the shadows. Under the streetlights that pavement was wet, illuminated by the reflections of light in puddles and shallow streams of water moving towards lower ground. I had time for a short morning workout before eating breakfast, and for breakfast I had time to eat, something unusual lately when I've been waking up just a couple of hours short of lunch.

After calmly intaking my calories in peaceful silence I transcended the stairs and begun work on an assignment I should have handed in on Monday. I've been thinking of, starting work on, and doing other things instead of working on- this project for four days this week. I've watched movies. I've worked on the website. I've replied tediously to all email I receive and participated in many forms of contest Christmas calenders, among other things, yet this morning I finished the assignment, and it's not even 8 yet. Well, actually, I haven't revised and handed it in yet, but I wanted to post this first, because 8 feels somehow like a border of effectualness.

After 8 it's no longer very early in the morning. The darkness outside will slowly have started to drift away and make way for a dull and rainy (yet not completely lightless) day. Oh hell, it's 8:01 already, bummer. There the delightfulness of early morning achieval is blown to smithereens in a flash of early morning sunlight. ;) Anyway, time to hand this thing in and move on to the next one. Feels awkward ending this post with (but I will anyway, because it is a): Good Morning!

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