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One Piece 120

The fight rages on!

The Ones Who Drank Forbidden Water


One Piece 119

Zoro meets the man of steel.

Crossing Swords


One Piece 118

Nami fights! No need for captions...

Almost Spiked


One Piece 117

More fighting! One of the funniest fights of the Arabasta saga too. Nami VS Miss Dopfelfinger (did I spell that right?). The episode starts with a flashback of Nami asking Usopp for a new weapon. Usopp making a weapon. And then...

Nami In Hiding


One Piece 116

Sanji & Bon Clay's fight rages on!

Sanji KICK!


One Piece 115

The fight in Arabasta rages on!

Usopp Is Pissed


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