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White Screen Of DEATH

Doesn't that sound familiar? Well, maybe not the entire screen, only the entire browser window, but only that is more than enough. I was throwing together an ordinary post for my blog yesterday with a few images, around 1300 (images), when WordPress suddenly refused to update the page... the process ended up with a blank page, over and over... and over. So I visited the main site and AAAAAAAAAARGH, blank!

I tried one of my other sites, it worked. I tried logging in via FTP, it worked. I tried logging into the admin panel again, that worked too. What didn't work however was the rest of my goddamn website. I spent maybe an hour messing around with the .htaccess file and searching the net for solutions but they wouldn't give me any. The ones they did give were not relevant. I figured out that what caused the problem was probably the script trying to display thumbnails for all 1300 images at once, a simple memory overload.

Why it had no effect on the admin panel is a mystery though.

How did I solve it? Well I just resisted the urge to do something about it and did something else, and the problem fixed itself. It's happened before, it's just the 500 Internal Server Error without the 500 Internal Server Error message typed in the browser window. I disabled that. So now you get a nice blank screen when things fuck up instead. Much better, right? So it fixed itself, not. I woke up this morning and thought everything would be ok when I visited my website this time, but guess what, it was blank. Instead of disabling a few plugins from the admin panel I then proceeded to move them all into a new directory, reload the site, and voila, it worked! Took a couple of seconds to move the plugins back in again and now everything is smooth and perfect. Why didn't I do this yesterday already? I always think clearer in the mornings.

Anyhow. What to do to prevent that things like this ever happen in the future? Well there isn't much I can do. Optimize the database maybe. Maybe go through my plugins. Maybe check for collisions in post/category slugs, etc etc. Nothing that really does anything in the long run, sure everything will run better until they stop running completely, and that's when there really is a problem. Hope WP does something about this issue, cause I can't.

The Blank Page Disaster Fix

I was reading this good guide on how to fix the white screen of death and came across the simple solution of removing extra spaces from wp-config. I checked my old wp-config, and what do you know, there's an empty space!

Problem solved. So easy.

The Perfect Day?

It would start early, it would end late, it would be filled with variation and sunshine and movement and I would feel great.

Awake At Will Project

I don't like relying on alarm clocks, so this week I decided to try training my mind into waking me up at the right time instead. Not that I've ever tried waking up by alarm since I graduated anyway...

The right time for me is 5:30, and so far things are going good, today I was only two and a half hours off, so who knows, maybe I'll actually breach the border and be content with it before this week is over.

It didn't work at all Monday, the first day of this experimental trial, and I'm thinking the reason for this may have something to do with a lack of motivation, since I really didn't want to get up at 5:30 that day, or any day, ever. I'll have to deal with this lack of will somehow or the experiment obviously won't work. Another reason could be that I was tired and needed the sleep, who knows, or maybe the 9 o clock routine has gotten stuck in my head too much to just be brushed away by this experiment in a moment.

A problem I've just realized I had is three external hard drives (2x1TB/500GB) with the same drive letter. Changing one of the drive letters results in drive letters for all three drives being changed (didn't realize this earlier because I never had them plugged in simultaneously). I've been looking for ways to solve this problem but so far have not found any. I realize the problem is due to all three drives being the same model, however. I think that if I had plugged in all three drives to the computer at the same time when I first received them they would have been assigned unique letters, but now that they have all been assigned a letter this letter is linked to all three models and I can't do anything about that. Plugging in two of these drives at the same time results in only one of them being seen, and it can cause some problems with trashed files between the drives ... amongst other things. So, my quick fix for this is only plugging in one of the drives at a time. Fortunately I don't need to have all three connected simultaneously as I use them all to store excess media files, so I sorted out all the files on them neatly and stashed them away. Task finished.

About a month ago I signed up for a one day trial at FileServe to download a shitload of files, and after having downloaded a shitload of files I forgot about the account in the naive expectation that it had expired. I tried logging in at first just to see that it really was gone, and it was ... for a while. Today I checked my PayPal account for other reasons and found out that the subscription had renewed itself automatically about a day after the account had expired, shit. So there, $10 unused used for really nothing. I'm a bit pissed at this since it was a 1-day trial, and I paid for that one day specifically, without even considering that it might be renewed automatically. As far as I know I didn't read anything about automatic renewal when I paid for it, I found the question in the FAQ today when I was looking as to what the hell really happened. Anyhow, I have three days left on my subscription now but I don't know if I can get my account info before then. Since I just ordered a one day trial (or so I though) I never bothered typing down the login information somewhere, I just signed in and let it run.

My seedbox expired a while back as well, and I don't need a new one. I'm not registered at many ratio-tracking trackers and on the ones I am registered my ratio is more than high enough now. was a disappointment... as I've posted twice already, so I really won't sign up for any of their plans in the future. I tried a trial at Seedbox Unlimited earlier too, and with them I'm happy, despite having only a 100MB connection my speeds were at least ten times higher than at Seedbox.CC ... and ... yeah, that's good.

It Is Now February

So, February starts today. Time to go back in mind and think through the things I did this January, hmm, what did I do? It seems like I didn't have any free days, every day I did something, I spent countless hours in front of the PC box but what have I really managed to achieve? They say the world will end in 2012 so what's the use of doing anything anyway...

Nah, depressive tendencies aside, there's just too much I want to do. Today I have, hmm, I've posted this. Time to get moving.

How Will 2011 Workouts Work Out?

So... some workout plans for the new year. ;)

There's a new gym nearby. I went to check it out with my cousin David and it seems really nice. Plenty of space, large windows, just above ground-level, new machinery & not too many customers yet. They're offering a week free to try it out, so I'll be trying it out for a week, and if it seems good, all the way till summer. Last years plans didn't really work out, my state of health has been going up and down like an elevator. Three days jogging, long walks, then an all-nighter with tons of unhealthy snacks and a day inside after, then some weight-lifting, maybe jogging a couple of days, then no jogging for maybe a week. Like that, a that not good like, lmao. This year is going much better. I've already stomped in a nice routine during the January that passed. Three times a week I do...

- 50 Situps
- 20 Pushups
- Dumbbells!
-- 50x 5KG & 20x 15KG while standing up (each hand)
-- 50x 15KG while lying down
-- At least 10x 5KG to the sides, arms straight
-- Wristtraining, holding dumbbell in hand with arm stretched out, moving wrist only
-- Lots o stretching

Sometimes a bit more, but never any less. ;) Feels good but I'm still far from optimal shape, the gymming will be a useful addition. Come summer I'll get plenty of exercise up north, it's the dull winter after that I usually fall behind. Who's really motivated enough to do any intense workout when all you see is clouds? Sun is shining now though. ;)

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