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The Study Situation 2011

Ever wonder what happened to this semester?

If you were reading this blog regularly like you should be doing then you should be wondering. ;) I signed up for Web Design, Basic / Digital images & Web Development... I think it was. Turns out I did manage to sneak in two of the courses I chose earlier and thought were too late to accept, so it all went well in the end.

This semester I'm studying creative writing. Personal narrative, detective fiction & science fiction are the three genres. I've already ordered 16 big ass books to read through, but they're all good books so I don't mind. I was happy to find I,Robot & Into The Wild among them as I've seen the movies. I liked the movies too, and if I liked the movie then I must like the book, pure logic.

I read one of Maddox posts recently on how bad I, Robot is, compared to the book in terms of commercialism, and since the movie was great IMHO this fills me with endless expectations on the readable variant. Gotta get started!

Apart from these three literary courses I'm also learning about photographical manipulations & enhancement of digital pictures. Should be useful. Before Christmas I studied multimedia, but actually I didn't study shit, I planned and thought a lot and tried to start getting a couple of old courses done that have been hanging around forever, but they're both so boring I don't know if I'll ever make it. I did plenty of other work apart from studies though, mind you, but I'm making up for the lost time by studying more than full-time this brand new shining year.

Btw, I've been skimming through old posts checking for typos and other things and I came across Universal, the first post I posted about my university studies. It was back in September 2007 and that's good to know because I've been wondering when I started studying and how long it's been since then. I have the answer now. Four years, damn.... time flies. Anyhow, when all else fails, there's always the blogs. ;)

Total Action & The Not So Happy Ending

I watched Total Action over at Voddler, rated it and read a few reviews, and 2 out of 8 thought the ending was funny. Funny? It's tragic as hell (spoiler starts here btw)! The hero dies FGS!

Ok, maybe not that tragic... it's satisfying. He has avenged his boss, his dear friend, saved the kids, made them all get closer together, and he wasn't such a great person anyway... but he's dead, and he was the kind of main person you gain sympathy for. I don't get how that can called funny, what twisted sense of humor do people have?

It's the same thing as calling any other movie than Inception epic. Only one movie is granted such a label. If there's more than one there's no longer any truth to it. That's like calling any drama movie a comedy, because it has a happy ending, sure you can play by the dictionary if you like, but the word has grown into something completely different now than what it really is (should I say was?). When you say comedy you mean something that you can laugh at, you don't mean something you don't cry at, that's like pleading to the cops that you're innocent because you didn't kill the victim. I could throw in a hundred more comparisons, but I hope you get the point.

Total Action does not have a funny ending.

Little Green Insect In Winter

I was eating my breakfast earlier this early morning when I spotted a little green insect circling under the lamp hanging above the kitchen table. It circled lower and lower and eventually settled right beside an open newspaper under the lamp. There it stayed a while and bathed under the artificial sun before crawling around again and eventually with great difficulty climbing up the steep edge of the newspaper.

I watched as it crawled around with curiosity and I wondered where it came from. Sure we have flower flies, even during winter, sometimes a few real flies wake up early as well or unintentionally when windows are opened, but that's about it. We don't usually have small exotic green insects waking up midwinter. This was indeed a small insect, but not so small that it wouldn't be strange seeing, it was a big enough small insect to surprise me in it being alive inside our house after a few months of long cold winter outside. What does it eat? Where does it live? The curiosity overwhelmed me.

Google didn't give me any answers though, and if Google doesn't have the answer then searching for it anywhere else is obviously meaningless. Nor do I know which breed of insect I saw, it was about two centimeters long, with transparent grey-blue wings, a light green body and orange eyes, antennas, six feet, the usual. Let me know if you've seen anything like it... in winter.

Tired As Hell

I'm tired today, blasting headache too, yesterdays 18 hours of mostly non-stop computer work probably didn't do much good.

I'm sitting by the computer again this morning with a cup of intense coffee beside me skimming through blogs about other people who are "Tired as hell". Turns out only girls are, or maybe they just use the phrase "Tired As Hell" more often, or maybe they just blog so much that their posts completely dominate search engine results for the phrase "Tired As Hell". Seriously, after a few pages and about fifty unique (different people... females) blog entries with the title "Tired As Hell" I'm starting to see a pattern. The pattern is emerging clearly, as clearly as a cloud on a sunny day.

Hey, here's an idea, if you promote this blog like crazy and tell everyone else to do the same, maybe it'll hit spot #1 on Google and break the pattern of gender-dominated tiredness for all eternity? I've already provided the title, you do the rest. ;)

Now to finish this blog and start continuing not being very productive hoping the coffee will have some kind of effect and at least partly chase the internal mist away. Here's a conclusive quote for you, a wise man once said: "I'd rather feel like shit than be full of shit." So then, everything is like it should be, namaste.

This Is Gravity

This Is Gravity

It's a webcomic, for those of you who don't know, and the introductory page ^ is just too amazing to not snatch and post for the world to glance at it in all its glory. Yeah.

Go read it if you haven't already!

Intro (0:23)


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