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Weekend Number 1162

A year is 365 days.
12 months each year.
4 weeks each Month.
52 weeks each year. Plus 2 days.
1162 weekends in 22 years, 4 months and 2 weeks.

If you count in the extra 2 days each year, excluding leap years with only 1 extra day per year, that would make another theoretical 6 weekends if days weren't reset every year. Rounded. So tomorrow is the start of my weekend number 1162, or 1168, depending how you look at things. If I live till I'm a hundred I'll have experienced around 5200 weekends, 5400 counting extra days, over 6000 if I'm the oldest person in the world.

Compared to the mass of the Eiffel tower's metal frame in kilos, 6 622 448. Point 6. It seems like such a small number, but aren't we all when compared to the bigger picture, the universe for starters. And what if the universe is but one of many, if it's a multiverse, or just a dimension of a much bigger realm that is beyond our capacity of understanding....

So anyway, I'll be taking a quick vacation this weekend, number 1162. :) Which number is it to you? Have a good one.

Bowling Score High

Woot, That's Me! Top 1!

I went bowling with my cousin David the weekend before last, great day, rain away, clouds partly but they didn't cloud the party. :) We had time for three and a half rounds. I happened to get five strikes in a row, and then two more, and then some. I wasn't expecting to top the list but I did, and on a whole other level than all the other players. Woo! I've been in the lists before but never with a score over 200, not that I remember anyway, this is a moment to remember. :D

The Insane Fansubbing Frenzy

I've been watching anime fansubs for almost a decade now. I've been watchin since there weren't very many of them, since I could actually have downloaded all fansubs ever released in English within a month if I really tried to (though maybe not with the Internet connection I had back then), and since then things have escalated rapidly. Back then there was no YouTube, there were no other video streaming sites, and nobody wanted to waste bandwidth hosting their own videos so watching the episode online was simply not an alternative.

Now all fansubs are streamed online on a multitude of platforms. There are sites dedicated solely to streaming anime and countless groups or fans uploading video files to the available video communities, from which they often get deleted quickly. The FLV format allows files to be drastically reduced in size and hosted on private servers, and there are services to upload files to multiple video-hosting services at the same time, making the effort it takes to delete files larger than it takes to upload them. I should point out though that licensed anime is what the distributing companies put an effort in deleting, the Japanese have never seemed to be very bothered with their series being fansubbed. Until the series is licensed in another country it only increases their potential market, making the series available to a larger selection of the world populace. And who doesn't want fans anyway?

Apart from streaming there have been countless other changes (improvements most people say). There are file-hosting sites used to upload and download fansubs as well as the traditional torrents, FTP servers or IRC bots. Maybe not so much public FTP any longer. The amount of fansubbers has increased too, scaling to catch up with the amount of shows available. All new popular anime shows are subbed, all of them, and the only thing that bothers me is that so many fansubbing groups sub the same series. The big shows, like Naruto, Bleach & One Piece, are currently subbed in English by at least ten groups each. The differences between the releases aren't so big.

Some use MP4, some MKV. Some don't have Karaoke, some do. Some manage to translate foreign jokes, others don't. Some fall behind on their releases, but keep going anyway. Some of them should just focus on something else and let the ones that are doing the job well have all the work. Or they could collaborate, combine their efforts and make the best subs out there. Why does everybody want a group of their own? I remember way back when when everybody subbing something actually did a good job. It wasn't about having their own fansubbing group, it was about making the shows available to the masses, by the fans for the fans. It was an honorable occupation.

But if you're reading this you probably knew all this already. :)

Cherry Coke & Keyboard

I just spilled half a can of cherry coke in my keyboard and the buttons seem a bit more sluggish than they used to be, though I suppose I should be happy my keyboard survived at all. :) It makes me wonder if the keyboard would survive a quick fall into a puddle, or a lake, or a journey through the rain, falling into instead of having something fall onto... maybe when I get a new keyboard I'll give it a try and see if this truly is an immortal piece of equipment.

Speaking about keyboards: I've never worn one out. I have a fifteen year old keyboard for my old Mac that still works perfectly. In fact, the older it gets, the easier the buttons get to click. Instead of being worn out by old age it is being perfected into a more efficient clicking machine. The keyboard from my old (though not that old) computer still works. The one that came with the one I'm using now hasn't aged a day in a few years, I keep the old as backup, but I should probably have a backup computer instead. They have a much shorter lifespan.

Still some people seem to find a need to swap keyboards every now and then. Do they accidentally spill some liquid on them every once in a while until they seize to function? Maybe they impulsively break the keyboard across their knee after getting killed in Battlefield? Maybe the keyboard starts looking so dirty they can no longer touch it in fear of the bacterial infestation it's keys have given birth to? IDK, it just seems to me that keyboards don't break, unless they are broken intentionally. Here's to another decade with this one. Banzai.

Motivation Just Quick Right...

I needed some motivation just now, quickly ran through a To Do list, turned the paper and wrote 'I'm Great' on the other side. That's not me at all. I'm really self-criticizing and humble, really, but sometimes you just need to get some extra motivation. I haven't found the best method yet, but this is one of them. Another one would be standing in front a mirror telling yourself something good about yourself until you start believing it. I actually tried that once, but when I saw the expression on my face I just didn't believe it. Maybe if I close my eyes...

Another great way too boost your confidence is to help people. If you do a good job and/or if they're good people, they'll thank you. And a 'thank you' is better than a hundred 'I'm greats'. Benevolence in the interest of boosting self-confidence, hmm, somehow that came off sounding a bit selfish. But that's all, just a quick thought.


It's a day you only get to experience once.
Better make the best of it. :P

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