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Wikipedia Celebrates 10 Years, Me Too!

Happy 10 Years Wikipedia

Wikipedia seems to have been around forever, but actually it hasn't really been that long, in fact it's not before today this great site gets to celebrate its first decade! Of course I'll celebrate with them, though from a distance.

I remember the early school, a stage in life passed yet still not that far away. All through elementary, middle & high we attained most of our knowledge through books. Computers were present, but they were but an infrequent part of our educationary days at the beginning. With time they grew more and more important, but Wikipedia didn't appear on my radar until 8th or 9th grade, and I believe I was among the first of its followers at this time. I started fetching a lot of my information from this great source, and with the years that has passed since then it has grown even greater still, providing the world with more information than even the most content-rich of encyclopedias. I remember some teachers saying that it wasn't a trustworthy source, and that anything with references to this website wouldn't get graded, but most didn't really know about the place and without reference to it much attained knowledge passed judgment without trouble.

Nowadays it seems like a granted part of life, and a trustworthy one as such (as trustworthy as anything can get online), every time I wonder about something I look it up on Wikipedia or Google it, and usually the Wikipedia entry is at the top of the search results, whether it be about math, ancient philosophers, recent movies or video games. Wikipedia has it all, and is evolving constantly. What's even more incredible is that it's entirely community-based, both financially and in terms of content. Users from all over the world get together to enrich the rest of the world with all kinds of information, and they help keep the servers running too. I can't imagine how life would have been if the site existed when I started school, or what it would be like if it didn't exist today. It has truly become a part of life we couldn't or wouldn't want to live without.

So, Happy Birthday Wikipedia & looking forward to another great decade! Everyone helping with the site, keep up the great work! Who knows, maybe I'll even start editing myself if time allows. ;)

CPU Temperature

I've been thinking about taking a look at CPU temperature lately, just for fun, because I've never done it earlier. So I found a nice little portable app called CoreTemp, and I ran it, three times during a regular Thursday. Morning, Midday & Nightfall, to see how things were heating up.

I tried another program to see if there was any difference (RealTemp) between the two. The temp was a constant 41C/36C. Max being 100C (which sounds really high, btw).

It seems the temperature is always the same. So I'm wondering... really? Or is there some kind of error somewhere? Maybe my computer isn't supported by either of these programs, or, maybe my computer is just really stable and that's how it should be. Core temperature and computer temperature are obviously two different things, so maybe I should measure computer temperature too for more relevant results. We'll see about that later on.

Infected Toe

AAAAARGH! My toe is itching like crazy. About two weeks ago a blister popped up on it, it became infected, refused to heal, started swelling up, hurt at first, grew warm and really red and lately it's itching like crazy. I mean crazy, like when not even an extremely self-disciplined person like me can resist scratching it just a little little bit. It's driving me insane. AAAAAAAAAAARGH.

Yeah! Snow! Woo!

For the past few days the outside temperature has been staying near zero, snow melting away, freezing, melting again, creating cobblestone of sand an ice and allowing for much shorter walks than usual.

It's been sunny, but the weather hasn't been pleasant, it's just not time for spring yet & the water drops falling of the rooftops stir chaos in the thick blankets of snow surrounding, they dig their way like acid through its stubborn crust. Fortunately the layer of snow has been thick and impossible to melt away completely in just a few days, but it has been sinking rapidly revealing patches of grass around trees and it was wiped the city clean of all but ice. Today the snow is pouring down and it finally looks like winter again, it's a victory, and that I felt like posting. :P

The Cold Return

I'm back! Guess what I got? A cold; it's the worst one of the year, coincidentally, it's the first one of the year, and the last one too... I hope. I need to strengthen my immune system, it's one of my goals from the grand band new 2011. Speaking about goals, I wrote a list, but I won't be posting it this year as I have earlier, I'm thinking that maybe if I keep it to myself I'll actually get them all done... and I can type in some more personal goals, some I would never ever let the rest of the net read. So, conclusively, no list of my goals for you this year, how about you? Any great visions you'd like to share? Can I tempt a comment out of ya?

The trip back up to southern Sweden was a real adventure. Grandma woke us up fifteen minutes before six and we stumbled out of bed, packed and tidied up the rooms and ate breakfast and sat down to wait... two hours. I guess 89 year olds get a bit more stressed in the anticipation of important things to come. We got a lift with Ida all the way to Luleå (plans were to take the bus, and a taxi to the bus, at 5:00, and swap buses once, and get to Luleå way ahead of schedule... fortunately plans changed and we could sleep in a bit) and well there we spent a few hours shopping (well I mostly sat, my sister shopped), sitting in the Culture House VIP Section (twas open, and empty) looking out at the quickly darkening view of the city & eventually taking the bus to the airport. Then we sat a couple of hours at the airport, ate, took the plane; landed in Stockholm.

When we left it was around -30C, when we landed it was -1C and snowing like crazy. The landscapes way up north are amazing. Everybody there knows how to handle the snow, the roads are all plowed up nicely, people have neat pathways in front of their houses and wherever else they're needed. Up here it's a mess, the snow is everywhere, they plow it to one side, then back to the other, and push it to all kinds of strange places and leave strings of snow in the middle of the road. It's chaos. Up North it's beautiful.

We watched the fireworks on New Years and all we could see where the ones of nearby neighbors, but they had a nice set and each firework lit up the sky in a way you'll never experience in any bigger civilization, the sky was pitch black, and then lit up with ambient color for each blast, a real treat for the eyes. Up North it was really dark, the sun went up at, ehh... actually it never went up, but the sky lit up at around 9 and went dark again about four hours later. Still, there's a peace up there that you cannot attain here, and though it's dark it's never depressing. The people that live there all year (I haven't myself) seem to get by fine, and they really appreciate spring & summer when they arrive. It was a nice week, and I'm always in a state of apathy when I get back.

This time I was in a state of disease too, I thought I was getting some very healthy routines started up North (40 sit-ups a day, lots o stretching, long walks, tons of other exercises, great start to the end of the old year) and then my grandma caught a cold, and then my sister caught it, and no matter how much I struggled it crept upon me too. Today I feel like BLEAUGH, but at least I survived the flight (for a while I thought my ears would pop) and then I slept eleven hours.

I'll see you later when I feel like posting.

A Busy Week

Webcomics. I follow a few. I archive a few myself, and have been doing so for a few years; updating the archives occasionally. At the start of a new year and all I decided to update all of them, 7z them and archive them for future entertainment, updating them MAYBE if time allows it sometime in a couple of years (the comics still active), but that's not part of the plan. Anyway, I thought I could get it done in a couple of hours, but a couple of hours and around a thousand strips later I realize that a couple of hours just won't cut it.

Then I stumbled upon five blogs about his dead cat all of a sudden, he spoke about anguish and rage and denial and I just couldn't get in the mood. Amidst a comical comic, something like that, and about a cat too, not that I don't like animals, I've just never had any close connections to them. I prefer them wild and unpetted, it feels like I can communicate with them when they're in the woods, we don't need to say anything to express anything, you know? Animals shouldn't be tamed. And then I collected some more comics...

Then I decided to check out a few artists I don't follow...

Bronze Lain is speed-rapper I stumbled upon on YT a while back, I bought his first album, a great tape with a whooping 24 tracks for only $10, worth every cent many times over. He has skill, but it seems he lacks is the self-esteem and studio-quality beats/recording larger artists have access too to get anywhere. Maybe he doesn't enough charisma. Anyway, it seems he released a new single, Sleeping On Me, and yes I am. What happened man? I'm not your biggest fan but that could have been a bit more creative. Hope you get back to the inspiration.

Ronald Jenkees is amazing with keyboards, but he hasn't posted anything since his last album back in 2009. No news, nothing. Dead?? Maybe he just switched identity or something due to unwanted fame, who knows. Hope he makes a debut. I mean a comeback.

Then I checked Slagsmålsklubben, Petter and Timbuktu. Each one has a new album out. The middle one has a few mixtapes out that have apparently been out for a while that I didn't know about it. And they're free! Nice! There's something to listen to... while I sort some comics.

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