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A Time Where The Studies Are Really Intense

Haha, I've been a bit spoiled lately, my studies have been a breeze. They have been so easy I haven't needed to put any time or effort into them, this season things are a changing, they actually seem to be changing so much I was at the verge of getting myself some time tracking software just to make sure I'm not studying overtime, then I realized, why? If I'm studying overtime, so what, I'm learning, that's why I chose to study things in the first place... right? Anyhow, I threw together a quick 'formula':

8 hours each day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks = 160 hours
160 hours each month, half a year (one semester) minus one month for vacation (5 months) = 800 hours
A 7,5HP course is a quarter of "full-time" studies, so that's a fourth of 800 hours, 200 hours.

They say 200 hours, so I guess they're using the same formula as I am? Really, this is my formula, I have no idea how they count, just thought it would be a bit more complex.

Exercise Routines For The New Year

  • 30 minutes walk daily, to stay healthy.
  • 30 minutes speed walk daily, to stay fit.
  • Long distance every week, at least 10km, to stay strong.

2000 Posts

Or should I say twenty centuries? Maybe ten times two? What am I babbling on about you ask? Well, the blog just recently reached a double thousand posts, so I think that deserves a post of its own, and a plus one towards the next thousand mostly interesting maybe inspiring hopefully entertaining sometimes useless pieces of text hereon posted! +1. :D

Actually it’s way above 2000 already because I just posted this post and I hadn't planned posting this post before I posted it. Post for a hundred is right here, and post for a thousand right here. Have a nice few remaining hours of your week before the end!

It's Another Year

A new one is on it's way. Wait, it's here already, and I'm not even here to watch the fireworks light up the sky this year. I'm over there in Kangos, so you'll have to deal with a quick pre-posted blogpost to spark up the hopes for this grand view brand new 2011. Happy New Year!

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