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You can do anything, but not everything.

About Character And Writing

They say that it doesn't matter what you say, it's how you say it, still it seems that authors manage to make it so that it doesn't matter how they say it, but it matters what they say. All the characters gain so different personalities not from how they converse, but from their views and opinions. Everything that is said is said through the author, and therefore it must be hard to maintain any personality within the dialog if not through what is being said.

Sure, some characters can use specific words more often than others, they become a signum for these specific characters, but their personalities through speech don't go further than that as long as only one author is involved. Maybe books with conversations should be written by multiple authors, so the things that are said are done so differently for the different characters,but with such differences, would the writing still hold the same consistency? It baffles me, and provokes me to think more.


Just came back from a wonderful walk in tonights new winter. The streets were slippery, suburban gray-matter will be icy soon, but the green sceneries serene will probably stay coated. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's frosty morning walk already. City lights gleam brighter than usual, empowered by the snow; the whole world flares up. I'd post a picture but it's too damn dark, and my camera is like two rooms away, but it's a nice sight and surprise. Take my word(s) for it.

Crastinating Like A Pro

My old vice pops up again. Procrastination.

How are studies? I'm reading two courses this semester, one on half-time, two on quarter-time. The half-time course is going well, I revel, I write more than most of my classmates and I haven't missed a single deadline yet. That's a first, you know, not missing a single deadline. Up until now I've missed deadlines in ALL the courses I've read, save for the first two I didn't read at a distance (at which I did not attend all classes), but this one... well it must be real interesting since I haven't fallen behind schedule.

It's not like I procrastinate less than usual. It's not like there's less than usual to do, like I'm starting fewer projects, not playing video games every once in a while (in marathon-like streaks) or watching movies like a serial... movie watcher, yet I don't need to catch up because I'm always on time. It's a nice feeling, one I haven't felt since the days of good ol' oldskool school.

So anyway, I'm pretty much done with pretty much everything on the mentioned course. There is... one secondary revision, three final revisions, two revision analysis and this coming week the final general-analysis of our final workshop. After that everything just needs to be collected in the assessment portfolio and all will be well. I'm done with the Reading Journals, the weekly exercises, the original workshops, and the folder I keep for the course is looking so tidy I feel I need to BACK IT UP. I really need to start backing things up more often.

The other two courses? I've barely even started. I was going to finish the first assignment on the first one of them about a month back, but things have been keeping it pulled back in my queue of things to do for a long time now. It's not like it is a priority anyway since there is no deadline. Well, I think there is a deadline January something, a final deadline for all assignments of the course, but since that date has been so far forward all this time it hasn't felt very menacing. Until now. Christmas is closing in. Things are a happening at a fast pace. Now I'd really like to finish both of these two courses, preferably before Christmas, but of course it's... eh, yeah, whatever.

I will complete the first assignment in the first one today, though, that's a fact. That's a... hmm, probability. Walking should be a priority though, right? Walking is a much better practice than just sitting in front of the screen scribbling things, right? Yeah I'll go take a walk. Maybe a buddy of mine feels like taking a walk after that. And then *wham* time flew by. Oh whoops. I'll have to start working tomorrow I guess, back to bed, back to rest, game instead, Pacman's stressed, escape the ghosts, brag and boast, get high-score, play some more. To and fro; crastinate like a Pro.

Feelin Mostly Happy

Feeling Mostly Happy

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