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Whole World Is Ice

Gah. Woke up. 12C in the room. Not that I'd been asleep anyway cause the drifting wind chilled my spine like a windmill in a storm chilling a pine. But I'm fine. I stand in the wind like a a mountain peak and I am defined. Pined by the wind but it forms me in mind, into something stronger than I'm. On the clouds I can climb. Sun shines sublime.

Took a short walk today, ground like chalk with snow drifts that squawk away with a wind that almost scalps my skull. Sun is up though so it can't be dull, the world is fresh now like a candied chorale. And I felt like rhyming a while, cause I came back and I'll be fine in a while. Warming up like the Nile on a sunny summer morning. There's a star in the window, in day, cause Christmas is forming. Snow glistening so richly it's devouring, what do the poor think, half-frozen to death, already mourning.

Boring, thinking about how other people suffer, I'm tougher, not heartless but I'd rather not think hard - rest. Rest in peace, rest in work, never seize, just Go Go Go like the Po Po Police. Wonder how this would sound in rap-mode? Now I'm walking that road. Can't even write a poem right, because my rap flows. Flows like a track. Glows like the eye of a bolting cat. Molten bats churning in a cauldron fast. If I was a mage I'd let out a smoldering blast, cause it's cold in here, it's a fact... but I'm too bold to react. Sitting without pajamas like I'm in the Bahamas with no wind that stings like sawdust, in your eyes. Surprise. The whole world is ice.

But still, it looks quite nice when the sun does rise.

Chilly Hill

Winter really is here now, both out and around and inside our hill house. The proof?

You can't run around indoors any longer without sleeves.

I don't shower to get clean but rather because I really need to warm up.

It's easier to do exercise every now and then because the motivation now is not just to get fit, but also to get some blood circulating so that it'll heat up the system. As an added bonus, maybe it'll even heat up the room at the same time. That would be nice.

The thermometer in the hall reads 16C, but is it really that warm in here?

I'm writing this fully dressed, with warm loafers on my feet and my bathrobe above my clothing. Fingers are feeling a bit chilled though. Washing my hands a lot doesn't really help, it seems the warm water has the odd effect of making the hands dependent on warm water to make them warm up more than it makes them actually warm.

On the bright side, I'm not so tired anymore, and I'm moving around more than usual, even while sitting down; squirming like a worm. The air is fresher to breath too.

Christmas is the runner up. :)

Ever Been Blown Away?

It's a storm outside today. Wind is blowing so fierce it's knocking down chairs, chilling my ears and thrilling my peers. It's warm inside not cold outside but it's soaring loud I see roaring clouds and trees that sway. Wonder how many will fall or at least lose branches they all look tall in the dawn of gray that marks night. It will soon be here and it fights light yet the streetlights shine bright bright. Should fly a kite with the wind so grim rolling like a sublime flow, forgot the E but this rhyme is online now so that's something it doesn't need it's in show. Ever been blown away? I don't think so. Would be nice flying a few meters as the winds grow, maybe they will, hoping so. Chill. Later.

It really is blowing fiercely today! Wind outside... intense. ;) This is the first of verse I've posted and recorded just like this, a quick rhyme that came with the wind. I think I'll be doing this often though, so if you like it let me know, and tune in futurewards!

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