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The Blog Just Moved

If you frequent the site I'd like to make you aware that the blog section no longer appears here on the main page. From now on this is the spot to check for updates and other notices. You'll have to click some buttons to find the content... unless the content is the update. ;) Big structural update underway, so if things don't always function right that's the reason.

UPD: Scratch that. Blog is back on main page.

Messy Like A Soggy Waffle

Blegh. I feel like taking the time out to type a long-ass wall of text, so if you don't feel like reading a long-ass wall of text you'd better go read one of my shorter posts cause this is going to take forever. Let me tell you what I've been working on lately. My site.

I've been sorting posts. Since I don't know when, this blog has been a pretty mess, you haven't been able to find anything. Right now it's probably easier to find stuff but it's still not good enough. It's like this blog was first a dark maze. Now I've removed the darkness but it's still a maze. Where there is light there is hope, but what's there to improve?

Categories and tags, the two basic fundamentals of a blog that let you find what you are looking for. Any blog that's trying to make money or gain a large audience will abuse the tag feature improportionately. They'll probably get a script that automatically tags their posts based on what's written in them. They'll probably abuse categories as well, and add a category for every topic they post about. I don't like long category lists or tag clouds with a hundred tags in them, I'd rather keep it simple. Their method probably works when people find the site through search engines, searching for one of the many tags or titles or topics they've transformed into categories, but it makes navigating the site itself a messy experience if you don't check the archives or brows post by post.

I decided to change the site structure completely. First I created a main category for the blog, then I created subcategories for the main topics of the blog. There's life, anime, movies, gaming & digital. Don't know about digital, maybe I'll change the name to computers or Internet or something smarter, but basically those are the blog categories. I'm going to turn all the other sections of this site into categories, and make all the pages on these different sections into posts. Did so a while back with the music page. It was the only section that already had tagged content out of the different sections, but earlier the music category was separate from the page, usable only to navigate the different tracks. So they've merged now. Just today I configured the main page so it shows posts from only one category, the one with site updates. So if you want to read blog posts, you need to go to the blog. There you can filter content through a small amount of categories, and in those categories I'm using tags to further filter content.

In this category, for example, there's 'Life' and there's 'Etcetera'. Life contains everything about me, Etcetera contains everything else. This is probably the biggest category within the blog so I chose to make tags for different content types. Quotes, Images, Photos, Videos & Sounds. The life category generally doesn't contain anything important, it's just me rambling about various events, so if you want to filter the media it's now an easy task. If you want to find posts that don't really have to do with me, that's an easy task. The other categories are much more content-oriented, here it's just one big stream of happenings and filters for content types.

Before I started working on this system I started creating tags for everything. All the different movies I had seen, all the anime series I had watched, games I had played, everything I'd posted about that could be considered a filter. With just a few posts in each filter, sometimes no more than one, that system becomes pretty useless. Not to mention it's hard to manage all the content with so many different tags. When posting something there's no way I'll remember to place the right filters on it. So I started adding a lot of tags, then I started removing the lot of them to make things smarter. I still don't know if I found the perfect system, but so far so good. I've gone through two categories and I'm working on the third (this one) right now. It'll take the week I guess.

I'd really rather be doing other things, but until the site is better organized it's hard to add new content without just further adding to the mess. Optimal choice would have been to have a better order right from the start and just keep going from there. If there's a structure to follow, it's easy to change the structure, if there is no structure, well yeah, it's messy like a soggy waffle. So anyway, that's what I'm all about right now. I'll keep you posted.

Google Chrome

You're Awesome! Thanks for trying Google Chrome.

Thank you. :) Now back to FireFox...

How Are 2012 Workouts Working Out?

So what's happening? I thought I'd share with you all my exercise routine so far this new year. Then I finished thinking, so I wrote it down and posted it. Here you go. This is the plan 3-4 days a week:

- Boxing

And daily...

- Walking 30 min (x2)

And then some. But not really cause I think I'll be revising this plan momentarily...

Early Resolutions Aftermath 2012

So the year is well underway. How's my resolve? I'm asking myself, so I dug up the list of resolutions I posted just at the start of this year and checked out my current status. Here we go.

  • I will not watch anything (movies, series, anime, videoclips, etc) until all unfinished business is finished. NOPE
  • Oh yeah right, like I could keep away from all forms of media for a whole year, cause that's what it's going to take me to get everything done. Life has it's ups and downs, but generally I'm working as fast as I can. It's going to take a while.

  • I will take at least one 30 minute walk every single day of the new year. ALMOST
  • I actually missed one day, a Saturday. Felt a bit down, didn't take a walk. I should have.

  • I will improve my vision continuously by exercising, taking breaks, etc. NOPE
  • Yupp. I mean nope. Not really. Still sitting way too long without taking a break. I took a break between typing this, but still, I take way too few breaks.

  • I will improve physically by exercising frequently, etc. ALMOST
  • It's a yearlong goal (I cut out the part about the main thing being being in good shape at the end of the year) so there's no way to tell yet. I do exercise frequently, at least 3 times a week, and I take at least one long walk everyday. The thing missing is them monthly exercise plans, and I have skipped some days I shouldn't have skipped. Getting better though.

  • I will eat healthier. YEPP
  • No need to elaborate here. :)

  • I will brush my teeth at least twice every day. ALMOST
  • It's hard to break bad habits, but I'm getting there. Occasionally I brush thrice. :P

  • I will write a blog every day. ALMOST
  • If you count blogs per day on average, I guess it's about double, but I have skipped a bunch of days. This was a bit of an unnecessary resolution anyway...

  • I will write a diary entry every day. ALMOST
  • I keep falling behind when I get addicted to Pokemon and stuff; go back and fill in the pages one or two days after. Need to focus.

  • I will write at least one poem, lyric, etc. YEPP
  • If you count the 750 word post I've written everyday since early January, I guess I've made it. :) Not too good with poems and lyrics and stuff though, time is a lacking.

  • I will not waste time. YEPP
  • No need to elaborate here either. :) Though I suppose wasting time is defined by your priorities. I could probably be more efficient, but it's not like I've spent time doing useless things so far.

  • I will contact at least one artist and offer my lyrical services a specific day every week. NOPE
  • Oh yeah, I remember now. Bummer. Completely forgot about this sometime after the start of the year. I doubt I'll be trying to catch up either, time is like said a lacking subject.

  • Every day I will do at least 10 situps, 10 pushups, 10 squats. NOPE
  • More like every third day so far. I'll get better.

  • I will stretch at least twice every day. NOPE
  • Though I do stretch after every workout, but that's nowhere near enough...

  • I will become self-sufficient. NOPE
  • Hey, not yet. :)

  • If I feel unmotivated or tired, I will do something useful. YEPP
  • Big smile. :)

  • I will practice vocals everyday. NOPE
  • I mean, I do speak, by vocal practice I mean singing/etc. Why did I even put this in my resolution list? A day only has 12 hours ya know...

So yeah, it's going so-so this year. A few of these things I'll probably catch up on, some of them don't seem very useful in retrospect, but anyway, there's a lot of 2012 left so I better get to it.

Total? 7 Nopes, 5 Almosts & 4 Yepps.

Fat Monday

We're eating semlor once more! Whoohah! And thus the cycle has been completed! One full week of semlor with semlor every day for the full week for one entire week! Three days were missed though, so I guess... we have to keep going for another couple of days now that we're back on track! Why not the whole year while we're at it? Yeah.

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